Wednesday, August 18, 2010

pics that inspire

Hey guys!  I just wanted to do some quick pics about stuff I like that inspire me!  People, places or things.  U can find inspiration for fashion or life any where!  So keep your eyes open!  I hope you like these pics.  Have a good one!


Xtina's Closet!!! <3 it!  And her little boy is sooo adorable in the midst of that leopard and pink!

They look rich in an exspensive way and fat.  Therefore, I love it!  And they are purple and pink.

Don't know if this is a random curvy chick or Mia Tyler!

Kanye West looks exquisite with his gold Loui luggage bags!  He may be an opinionated asshole but Kanye West can dress his fucking ass off!  I love his style!

I love this pic of Vanity 6!  Prince protagee's from the 80's!  If you didn't know I am a huge die hard Prince fan.  And these chicks are Bad in a Good way.  I would love to get some of my thick friends and remake this pic on a staircase.

Had to have a picture of Prince too.  He inspires me in fashion, music, art and anything creative!!!  I love u!

Thats where I wanna live!  The U.K. mainly London, England.  Always been obsessed with their culture and style and music.  I really love London street fashion.  Check out this blog!

Hope u like that post to hold u over!

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Jennifer aka. Jasifer said...

nice inspiring pictures. <3