Sunday, November 18, 2012

OOTD: Well... Many days ago!

This was an outfit I wore last week.  Just finally got around to making a outfit post about it.  I really love this purse.  I found it at my favorite thrift store in Hamilton NJ and it was only $3.99 and I believe its by Style and Company.  Real leather too!  That was a good trip.  I got a lot of great finds that day.  The outfit itself is real simple... I threw it together.  The Jean button up shirt is from the Men's section at Walmart, the tunic is from Marshalls and the boots are from Torrid.  I was happy to find a cheap jean shirt since its pretty on trend this season.  The crazy thing is some places are charging you like $44 for something you can find at a thrift store or at a place like Walmart for like $12!  My hair is like forever pulled back because its growing back funny.  I hate it!  {Sigh}  I don't know what to do with it.  Something has to change soon.

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XOXO~SAMILLE thanks for reading!

Jean button up- Walmart
Bag- Thrifted


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fashionably Late!!! Huh?

I've been out the mix for a while guys I know!  But I'm ready to come back with a bang!  BOOM!  Here I am!  This summer I went through somewhat of a break up that really through me for a loop.  On top of that I was in rehearsal for a show and if you follow me on instagram I still update my life through pictures often.  With that said, I still love fashion, still love my blog, I just had to get back to loving myself.  And thats what this new phaze of my blog is going to be about.

At the end of October I went to VA for an audtion and this is what I wore!  This Lane Bryant dress was probably one of my best investments as far as a dress to date, I can honestly say its a go to especially for performing!  After me and my mother left VA we headed to Baltimore MD, to visit my sister and I had a little extra cash so I decided to make it to a place I have always wanted to go to because I heard wonderful things about it.  K-STATION!!!  It's located in the Hampden section of Baltimore which is actually very trendy, artsy and up and coming.  When I use to live in Baltimore I don't recall there ever being a place like that!  I got to meet the Owner and Mastermind behind this fabulous plus size boutique, JADE and she is beautiful inside and out!  She helped me pick out some one of a kind timeless pieces.  A black Kiyonna Pencil skirt was one of them!  If you are ever in the MD/DC area give a go and stop by.  There are some fabulous places to eat there as well!

Thanks for reading XOXO~SAMILLE

with owner JADE!

Dress-Lane Bryant
blazer- Ashley Stewart
Earrings-Ashley Stewart!