Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow ball

I work at a great place called Art House, its a production company at the forefront of the artistic community right here in Jersey City NJ.  Recently was there annual SnowBall!  Their biggest fundraiser/party of the year.  Tickets are $90, but instead of working it, us lovely workers get to volunteer, get dressed up and join in on the happenings.  What's happening?  Open bar...all night, free food all night, a live band and a DJ and the who's who of the artistic and creative community here in Jersey City.  The dance crowd is filled with poets, writers, musicians, singers, sculptors, painters, jewelry makers and businessmen!!!  The mayor comes out and even a few yuppies!  So us starving artist, politicians, and dreamers of all walks of life are jammin and mingling on one dance floor.  In the Winter, while it's snowing outside.  Nothing is quite like it.
Of course I went through a period of...what am I gonna wear, what am I gonna wear?  But I promised myself to cool it on spending after the holidays and to put no heat on my hair or anything since I took my weave out.  And I am proud to say I did my own nails, rocked my own natural hair and wore things from my closet that have just been laying around.  The dress?  The dress you say, well it was a gift from my sister from like last year, never worn it had tags on it and all.  To tell you the truth I am extremely insecure about my arms it's the most insecure part of my body, but I've been working out and feeling stronger so I went for it, and got tons of compliments.  I was gonna go bare legged because I don't own a stocking or tight in flesh tone, but I said no it's cold, so I wore black tights with these silver character shoes that I really use for performing an auditioning but it went along with the flapper feel of the look.  I mean the attire was black tie CREATIVE and creative it was.  Good times and a great night.  2014, I like u!!!!

                                                 Shoes- Character dance shoes
                                                   Tights-Ashley Stewart
                                                     Clutch-Old navy

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Skirt Obsessed

Have you ever been in love with a skirt so much it hurt?  That's how I describe my feelings about this skirt from ASOS CURVE!  A elastic skater skirt.  Comfortable, stylish and will probably never be dated.  I have worn it a total of 4 times since I got it and its my go to item every time I need to look somewhat dressy!

On this day however I just wore it for the sake of not being able to get enough of it.  I paired it wish my DSW boots, a printed button blouse from Lane Braynt and a hate I got from a street vendor!  I hope you enjoy the look they were taken back stage of rehearsal for our semester end's Opera scenes performance!

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Top-Lane Bryant
Skirt-Asos Curve
Hat-NYC Street vendor
Rings and things-Forever21, HM

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Leopard Dress!


I love wearing dresses.  I believe it's the time you feel the most girly!!!  I also, think people treat you different when you are wearing a dress!  Guys call you sweetheart, women smile at you and of course there are the cattle calls and whistles!  But what does that matter when you love the dress your in?  I have worn this dress on here before!  About two years ago for my birthday and it is still one of my favorites.  It's from torrid, it has slight boning and its leopard!  Leopard!!!  I paired it with sandals and a cover up because it was cold that night!  Not to mention my favorite vendor geek glasses!

Leopard will never go out of style!  Easy to look tacky, but doesn't have to be!


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Floral shirt

Remember me? 

I'm Not usually one to wear flowers but this floral tunic style top from Lane Bryant.  VIA the thrift store, said "WEAR ME!"  So I did.  And I really love it!  It's perfectly summery!  And that's the best to me, since I love summer and hate to see it end.  I paired it with my shell and gold necklace which I love and my glorious Jersey tan!

                                                                   ASOS SHADES

I plan to post almost everyday this week because I really haven't since July.  Bad.  I also don't know whats wrong with my blogger but it won't allow me to make all my pictures the same size, if you can help me hit me up on twitter!

                                                                  Top-Lane Bryant
                                                               Shorts- Torrid
                                                               Sandals- DSW



Sunday, July 21, 2013

Birthday Dress...ASOS

My birthday this year was quite the celebration and nothing made me happier than finally whipping out this bad boy to wear!  I bought it a while ago, but new I was going to wear it on July 8th (B-DAY) and its sooo beautiful!  I'm not really a flower person but Asos does it right.  The cut, the material and the color was so flattering.  I got it in a US 16, something told me it would run big and it I was right because the 16 fit perfectly.  Paired it with this jean jacket I scored from Re/Dress NYC when they use to have their flagship store in Brooklyn and sandals from DSW!

Here I am waiting for the train to head home!

Thanks for looking!


Monday, July 15, 2013

Yellow Shorts

I'm a Summer baby and to me, that means I wear a little more color in the summer as opposed to any other time of the year!  These Yellow shorts from Lane Bryant which I bought last summer in a couple of colors are some of my favs!  It truly brightens up my day and any look!  Then I added this Forever21 netted hoodie!

Can't go anywhere without my Asos glasses!

Netted Hoodie-Forever21 plus
Shirt-Kmart sleep wear
Shorts-Lane Bryant

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Love this Skirt


In the past couple of years, I believe things have shaken up a bit at Lane Bryant, because their clothes are getting cuter and cuter!  This skirt I actually bought last Summer and wore it a few times but never photographed.  On this Hot Jersey City day I paired with a stripped shirt from Forever21 that I had for a while and BAM!  My natural hair topped it off!

This was a good night!