Monday, August 16, 2010


I recently took a day trip to maryland to go see an old friend.  I just wanted to be comfortable and didn't think there was anything special about this outfit, but I got a lot of compliments on it.  So I snapped some pics in Jersey before I left.  It was cool on this day so I got to wear my Jean Jacket.  Everyone saids a jean jacket is a signature item in your closet.  Truth be told I haven't had one in a while, but when I hopped on the train and took my 1st trip to Re/Dress nyc I found 2 that I liked.  I struggled back and forth between which one I wanted, but inevitably the cheaper one won!!!  So cute and comfortable I have been rocking it all summer on the cool days.  I really need to stop procrasinating and go back to Re/Dress Nyc but I really wanna go when I have sorted out some old clothes and have some money to buy some other stuff.  Anyways, thats my jean jacket!!!  Yup I got one spice up any plain outfit like mine, just throw on your fave jacket and maybe some earrings.  It will surely make you feel cool and sexy in a plain outfit!

Have a Good One!!!  XOXOXO~SAMILLE


Jennifer aka. Jasifer said...

this outfit is so nice on you!! :D

xclusiveplay said...

aww thanku so much!!!

Anonymous said...

it's simple and chic! i love wearing outfits like this on the weekend. :) looks great on you!!