Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mustard & Black! Whats better than that???

Ok!  I really wanted to do an April fools post, but I am just not that on time!  But this April did bring me one of the ultimate finds EVER!!!  A Mustard Blazer?!?!?!?  WTF?  Shut the front door.  Gabi from has one!  It was a thrift find for her.  I love mustard!!!  Love it!  I mean have you seen that hand made mustard knit hat in the last post???  Yeah I am ever so serious about this~!  Its a Dream come true. 

I found it really at the end of March on a shopping trip to Macy's with my friend Melrose at the Newport Mall in Jersey City.  We were really going to look for a dress for a performance we had coming up and I helped her score a cheap American Rage dress.  Well while we were in the check out line I saw a Mustard Blazer!  I ran over to the rack picked it up and tried it on.  It fit but way too tight.  It was a size 18!  I was sooo pissed, so hurt, but now that I knew it existed I was on the hunt for it.  This shopping trip wouldnt be complete if it wasn't in my hands or in the mail to mi casa!!!  So I spotted another one on a damaged goods rack.  I grabbed it, inspected it and concluded that I didn't see any physical damage so decided to try it on.  It fit better!!!  It was a size 20!  The lady behind the register saw me going through the damaged goods and demanded I put it back and that it was going back because there was something wrong with it.  As Mel waited in line to check out with her American Rag dress that originally was $59.00 until I looked on my Droid and told her on it was $29.99 with an additional 15% off, I went off with the size 18 blazer in tow to find this Blazer in a size 22!  The very helpful clerk behind the counter found that it was available in a couple other Macys in NYC, but when we went to try and reach them on the phone none of the stores answered!  Uh oh...bad customer service!!!!!  I hate bad customer service, so we decided to call one in Tenesse!!!  And they picked right up and found the blazer in a size 22, it really came as a pant/suit set that was originally $200 but was on sale for $55!  (I really didnt care how much it was, it was all worth it).  And on April first it came and on April 2nd I wore it!  I really love this item in my wardrobe!!!  What item do you love?


Blazer-Macys (Suit Studio)
Tights-The Avenue
Owl Necklace-Afaze