Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Party and resolutions!

When I start to think of the New Year!  I start to get nervous at times!  Thinking...will this be a good year?  Will I accomplish much?  Will I keep the promises I made to myself?  I'm not going to lie it puts me under extreme pressure.  More than likely because I'm getting older and my goals are getting more and more specific and exact.  I am going to graduate college this year...FINALLY!  At least I think I am.  And step out into the world of professional theatre and Big entertainment.  Which already sounds intimidating, but optimistic, for I have some things already lined up.  And with that!  I can't lie, this year has been amazing.  For my personnel, professional, and artistic growth.  Unlike any other year before, when I look back on this year it will not be a blurry memory.  So with that here I am.  I am going to do something that I usually only put in Journals that I usually don't read again.  However today on the 31st of December, 2011 I am going to write my goals for the upcoming year right here on this blog.  Which hopefully will mean I will be more inclined to read it and check my progress!

1.  I'm going to pray more!
2.  I'm going to write more! (Poetry,songs,journals & Blogging)
3.  I am going to wear more make-up.
4.  Take better care of my skin and natural hair.
5.  Be kinder to people that are close to me and love me.   (For they are the ones we treat the worse at times)
6.  I'm going to take better care of my health this year.  I want to really start eating more organically and incorporating more exercise into my day to day activities.
7.  Get deeper into meditation.
8.  Really take my Voice to new levels I never have this year.
9.  Make my acting as strong as my voice.
10.  Spend more time with my family.
11.  Learn to love myself even more than I do now.  Whatever is left over!  Learn to improve whatever I dislike.
12.  Get a paying role in a musical,play or film.
13.  Get my name out there more.
14.  Take my Blog to another level.
15.  Become non-judgemental!

I already have some real cool exciting news I can't wait to share with you.  Which I will be in the next couple of weeks! 

So as you can see I have a lot of work to do this year.  And all of those things have nothing to do with the other responsibilities I have!  Basically being an adult is hard.  Growing up is a huge responsibility, but I think rewarding.  My lifestyle deserves this make-over and I can't wait to have this conversation next year around this time!

Anyways!  I had a party last night at mi casa with some close friends.  And we exchanged gifts! 

                                             Top-Bodysuit ASOS
                                             Booties-Lane Bryant
                                             Neckalces-Forever21/street vendor

Sorry they're blurry!  The lighting in my Apartment isn't the best.  I also need to invest a better camera!  For me having a blog to tell you the truth I am really bad with electronics!  Hope its not that bad for you guys!  Enjoy your New Year's Eve and Happy New Year's you guys!  Remember to Embrace the Fatness 4 a Thicker Culture!  And Love yourself!  If you don't nobody else will be able to!


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

This is just a Quick little thank you note and Well wishes note to hold you out until we meet again my ladies! Hope you are all enjoying yourself with your family and loved ones!  See you next year!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I like Hats! OOTD!

I am really into these beanie's right now!  I love hats in the winter!  It is such a winter thing to do, to wear a hat.  Especially when your hair is not up to par.  And your getting over a cold, why Not throw on a hat!  I did!  I paired it with this animal print cover up I scored from Torrid a while back during a sale for like $14.99, which is really good for Torrid.  I paired it with this turtle neck to protect my throat and of course my favorite combat boots I got from DSW!  I got my niece to snap these pics of me when I was visiting her and my nephew this past weekend in Baltimore!  Christmas is almost here, so I'll probably make another Baltimore appearance soon!  If you see me, say HI!

turtle neck-Target
Jeans-Ashley Stewart
Braclet-Fashion to Figure
Necklaces-Forever21 & street Vendor

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Underneath my tree!

Here are some things I'm longing to be underneath my tree.  And if they're Not, I'm still going to try to make them happen!  ;)

(1)  This men's sweatshirt is calling my name!  Since I am busy spending my money on my loved ones, this gem is going to have to wait until after Christmas, but consider it mine!
(2)  This purse needs to be in my closet NOW.  I'm hoping I get a forever21 gift card for Christmas and if so, you already know it's going to be one of the first things I purchase!  MINE!!!
(3)  I am sooo skeptical buying jeans online, NOT Jeggings and they only go up to a US 22 and they can be unforgiving.  But with the free s/h both ways I may take the plunge 2 see how I like.

(1)  This is see-through and sparkly!  I love see-through and the shine is something I need more of in my life right now for the winter!  I can just see it as FABULOUS!
(2)  I really want these wedges from Torrid in like every color.  Which is black, silver and like a goldish-pink!  I don't know what pair I'm going to start off with first, but again...MINE!
(3)  I still have never ordered anything from but take a look at their website a lot.  Many bloggers do and seem to be very happy with them.  I want these harem pants.  They are too fly Not want to wear everyweek.  I want to dress them up and down!

One of my fashion Icons and musical heroes.  Gwen can do No wrong.  I want to try and bring this look to life for a plus size gal.  Its going to be an ongoing goal of mine.  So stay tuned for that.  I really wish Gwen would make L.A.M.B. for plus size girls too.  Her style, swag and aesthetic totally fits my style and I am sure many more Hot, Young, plus size thangs!  Right???

Have a good time getting your last minute Christmas gifts!!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day & Night!

Recently I had a reader asking for more head to toe looks!  I wasn't exactly sure what that meant, since I give you all myself from head to toe, how I look in my everyday life.  So they made it more clear to me by stating they wanted to see more looks that go from day to evening and with make-up!  Truth be told to wear more make-up on a everyday basis is one of New Year's Eve Resolutions.  I use to wear a LOT of make-up when I was younger and slowly started to lessen the amount I would wear and now Its very little.  I usually only wear blush or lip gloss or Ill take the blush and use it everywhere!---->Anyhoo!
Head to toe looks.  OK, Ok, I thought I can do this.  She also said she wanted it to be simple and easy to adapt to her everyday life and that's what I'm all about.  So recently at school I got one of my favorite photographers and friends AMANDA to take some pictures of me in a simple outfit and how I can make it into a day and evening look.  I do have on full make-up and I hope it comes through in this pics.  (Hopefully I'll be getting a new Camera for Christmas!!!)  I hope you all like it and enjoy!

(((1st)))  DAY LOOK!

Jeans-Ashley Stewart
Flats-Target (Old)


Jeans-Ashley Stewart
Booties-Lane Bryant
Bag-Street Vendor

Hope that was cool for everyone, it was fun and challenging for me I am going to try this again soon!


Monday, December 12, 2011

Poor Unfortunate Souls from The Little Mermaid

This is me singing at my Musical Theatre Department's this year's showcase!  There's a funky note at the end which is the beginning to the cold I have now!

Comment and enjoy!!!!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

All Black everything!!!

If you don't know by now!  Fashion is my second love in life.  Music is my first!  This past Saturday and Sunday our Musical Theatre department had our annual showcase for everyone to see what we've been working on all semester.  Our attire is usually black and I am always trying to figure our clever ways to wear black and to keep it fashionable and to keep it me! 

I found this BEAUTIFUL sheer black top from K-mart's Love your style collection that I absolutely love and adore.  I mean really, K-Mart has stepped it up.  Damn near put Target to shame if you ask me!  Mainly because their fit model is more realistic and the fabric they use doesn't feel as cheap.  In September when I went to the Just as You Are fashion show in New York I got into a conversation with another fellow fashion blogger that let me know she personally sat down with the head of K-mart's fashion department to discuss what plus size women are looking for in clothes and said that they were very interested in making us very happy.  That they actually took the time to go through a question and answer session to make sure they make Curvy women happy.  Hence, now I am in-love with them.  I assure you they have the styles, cuts and colors your are looking for, so please run over to K-mart.  And don't forget they are one of the many few stores that are still doing lay-a-way!  So go get your Christmas fix and treat yourself.

There will be a post right after this one of me SINGING at this performance.  It was a okay performance the one the night before I thought was better as I was just catching the cold that I now have in the performance!  So please check the following post as well!

But for right now here's the picture's! ENJOY!


                                                                      Boots-Dolce Vita (Target)
                                                                                Bra-Torrid (LOVE)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Loving Mint in December!

Hey guys!  And Happy December!  I hope every one's Thanksgiving was good.  I ate too much to say the least!  But it was delicious and FATTENING!  I did take some pics on Thanksgiving that I haven't gotten back yet from my cousin, but when I returned from that glorious 4 day weekend I felt rejuvenated.  All those mid-semester woes went away for a while, but I have been busy for last week or so working on this show I was doing. 

Being a singer is hard.  Being a musician is harder and that's what our school is trying to mold us into.  Now I feel sick!  Which happens at the end of every semester because I am sooo over-worked and run down. 

This outfit is bright, it brightened up my day and hopefully it will do the same for you with this gloomy Monday we are experiencing in the Tri-State area!  I did some wonderful shopping while I was home too!  Online and in store!  That's where I got this button down and these AMAZING jeans from Ashley Stewart.  Its hard for me to find Jeans, because I have big hips, and a even bigger butt!  To my surprise Ashley Stewart was there to save the day and many more days to come.  I bought them in blue, black and grey cuz when you find ones that fit on black Friday U STOCK THE HELL UP!  This shirt is from and its by the Woman Within.  That's really a catalog my mother shops in but when I saw the color I had to have it.  And the price wasn't bad either it was like $9.00.  I ordered it in a 3x but it was a bit to big So I had to put my seat belt belt I got a while back from Forever21 with it.  I got some great finds for Christmas.  Definitely a few presents are checked off my list. I am going to put up a Purple Tree this year!  I can't wait to show you guys!

Anyway have fun today and Enjoy your week!  I will try to post again before the week is out!

Tank top-Foreever21
Jeans-Ashley Stewart
Scarf-Street Vendor
Necklace-Street Vendor