Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Props 2 Lane Bryant

When Lane Bryant's Icon Collection came out I instantly fell in-love with this stylish coat.  I wasn't in-love with the price at the time.  When I finally came back to my local Lane Bryant it was gone and I didn't hunt it down like i usually do.  I hardly ever shop at Lane Bryant, maybe 4 to 5 times a year, but usually its for bras and panties and I am lucky if I find anything else I really love.  So when Lane Bryant was having a big bra sale recently of course I was invited.  (Via Coupons)  When I stepped foot into the store I immediately saw the coat I have been jonesing for since Fall.  And here it is....!  I paired it with some Grey Leggings I had in my closet, I think from Walmart, a old shirt/dress/tunic that I had from Old Navy, my lovely flat wide calf boots from Torrid, and my new purse from Ross!  I know its purple but recently I heard someone say find a purse that doesn't go with anything and wear it with everything!  I like that philosophy!   ( O yeah!  I got my camera working again...YES! )

Monday, January 25, 2010

Bag it!

I wanted to a post about Bags as they are one of our most important accessories.  Sometimes a whole outfit is built around the bag.  So i figure give the Purse/bag world its just desserts.  Now when I'm shopping for a bag online my favorite spots to stop by are MODCLOTH or BEYONDTHERACK.  When its a instore purchase you can usually catch me at Ross, Marshalls, Macys, or Thrift Stores.  Whether I can afford them or not I am going to show you some of my favorite bags out from online and 1 cute recent purchases.  Hope you all like it!

ModCloth does a great job with trendy, modern bags.  They have a variety of colors and I love the color mustard right now and i am definitely looking to add the right one to my wardrobe soon, so hopefully it will make the cut.  Modcloth also ranges in price.  I was really hurt cause i discovered this bag within the last week, which means i have to visit more often, because its sold out!!!  The good thing you can sign up with modcloth so they can shoot you an email when the bag is bag in stock.  This beauty is $99.00.  Not bad!

The Burberry Beat Check Tote With Patent Leather Trim I drooled when i saw it.  I had to ask myself why, because i know you can find something like this way cheaper, but i think it looks classey and luxurious.  Theres many different fabrics going on as well, like patent leather and Nylon.  The price is so intimidating, but I'm not going to count it out, you never know what may happen!  ( fingers crossed )  I found this one on and this site is great its a discount site with new sales always starting.  Like this sale ends today but they always have more sales coming.  They have a Chinese Laundry shoe sale going on right now and Paris hilton watches and all of these luxury items are like 30 % to 70 % off!!!  You should really check this site out if you haven't already I haven't seen any plus size sales yet, but hey find something you like in a large or x-large and see how it works for you.  By the way this bag is $999.00 WOW!  Like i said fingers crossed!  Serioulsy check them out!

I found this cute cocktail bag at the local "Red, White and Blue".  I love it i will wear it soon hopefully, i got a couple partys coming up!  It can be worn over the shoulder or you can take the straps off, which what i will probably end up doing and using it as a clutch!

Leave me some comments guys or send me a pic of your latest and flyest bag purchase!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back 2 school

Sorry i haven't been posting more regularly, im really going to improve that in the next couple of weeks, right now i'm in the process of moving and starting school!  So i haven't been wearing anything to fashionable lately...Well until today.  The official first day of school and i finally got to whip out my boyfriend blazer from torrid that i hunted down in my size last month.  I love black and gray, so if i can wear them together i go for it, my camera was acting funny and I'm not the best with electronics so until my cousin comes by to fix it, we gotta deal with the camera phone pics...let me know what u think!!!

Boots from TORRID, last season!  LOVE
Leggings...Walmart!  WOW!

Boyfriend Blazer Torrid!
                                Tank top Old Navy!

earrings...Forever 21~!

Hope u liked it!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


One thing u may not know about me but is definitely worth knowing is my obsession with sneakers!!!  I love, love, love, sneakers, i probably buy a pair a month! (which my mother thinks is outrageous)  I usually buy Nike dunks, or jordans or adidas originals.  Soon i will do a post of what i believe are my flyest kicks!  But their are some that are a little out of my price range but i still dare to dream!!!  I also wear a size 11 which can be a little tricky shoe shopping depending on how u look at it!  But it makes the fashion find even more challenging for me and i love it!  Here are some kicks out and about and about to come out that i am dying 4!

1.  Lanvin spring 2010!  This is the Lanvin Hightop Cap toe sneaker.   Beautiful textures and colors,  they're priced at Barneys in the $700 price range.  But omg, the color is what makes me crave them.  Immediately i think of spring!

2.  The ever so sleek and beautiful "Nike Air Scandal".  I already have these in black and i plan on getting these very soon!  They are super skinny and slim to go along with any skinny jean.  Its a beautiful feminie sneaker nike came out with to be the perfect female counterpart sneaker to their ever male famous sneaker "Nike Air Vandals".  Oh my this sneaker is it!  You can find it at i believe the price is $69.00 but i saw them at a DSW store for more!

3.  This is probably my next buy right here.  They're affordable, fashionable, and functional in a everyday way.  ( which i think is real important when it comes to sneakers)  they gotta be comfotable!  "Nike Snowwaffle" womens.  You can find them in footlocker, you have to order them online if you need an 11 or up!  I love this sneaker because when you see it up person it looks a lot like a great winter boot!  The more i researched it i found out its insulated on the inside and does have traction for the winter months.  Perfect for the snow!  I really want these!  Usually  around $75.00!

Tell me what you think do you guys wanna hear more about sneakers?  Do any of you have sneaker fetishes or wanna put us D on any sneakers coming out or brands you love!  Leave a post i love to hear it!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Discount Plus!

Good Day Dolls!  You know fashion is not just buying the biggest most exspensive bag the store has to offer, but it can be!  Or charging everything on your Macy's or Lane Bryant card....but we've all done that!  Fashion can also be about budget!  And really its about style!  Style....say it with me!  S T Y L E!  Do u have it?  Well my sister does.  Not only is she beautiful and vegetarian, but she's a mommy and a writer and she has always had a very unique style if u ask me!  My sis use to manage the Goodwill when i was younger and always put together super cute looks for her and for me!   I would describe her style as Bohemian Ease.  With a Tree-huggin flair!  Theres a comfort to the things she wears but we still swap clothes from time to time!  I am the more frivolous spender where shes the more thrifty one.  So take a look at her Target, Walmart smash up!  Every single one of us can relate to this!  F. A. B.!

The Print Summer Dress was $12 at Target
Turtle Neck was $8 at Walmart
Leggings were $8 at Walmart
Boots from the AVENUE!

I think she looks great.  This outfit is true to herself and her hair is blown straight and is flowing, if u like it please leave a comment and i will tryi to update some more looks of hers in the fututre!  Thanks girls!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Top 10 Fashion Looks of 2009

First and foremost!  Happy New Year!  Hopefully 2010 will be a better year for you and for me!  I'm going to be making a big move later on this month to start a new path but i will definitely continue with this blog and try to improve it every step of the way.  I first wanted to give props where props are due to the most popular fashion trends of 2009!

Top Ten Looks of 2009!

1) sequins and glitter!  The sexy sequin boyfriend jacket pulls that off.  Go to while they still have their after holiday sale!

2) Purple (whether it be bags or clothes, we saw the color as a primary focus of the outfit, or in accecories, purple was everywhere)

3) Ruffled Blouses!
like this one from!

4) Shirt Dresses (  Mainly flannel!  Torrid has a bunch in different styles so go to, you can also find this popular trend at your local or or even Dots!

5) Boyfriend Jeans and Blazers!

6) Big gaudi rings, braclets, and charms. Tons of romantic embellishments

7) Animal Prints (in cute tops or cardigans like this one from Lane Bryant)

8) 80's inspired styles and colors. Mismatch was in!

9) Booties ( mainly with studs like these by Nine West with the rinestone detail, get them at )

10) Pops of color (especially in tights)