Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday's Best

On Sunday I sang with the NJCU's Unity ensemble at our Director's church.  It was such a beautiful experience.  I have really learned to love, respect and enjoy gospel music since joining this gospel choir.  Mainly because of our leader Dr. Warren.  I called Dr. Warren that morning because honestly I was feeling a little lazy and asked her if I could wear pants.  She told me if that was all I had than that's fine, but she preferred a dress.  So I whipped out my new Lane Bryant dress that I haven't worn yet.  Asymmetrical, drappey, black and very forgiving.  Even added a touch of sophistication.  These high/low dresses and skirts are really in right now, what do u guys think u like them?  My hair wasn't doing what I wanted it to do.  (It hasn't been lately)  So I pulled it up with this gold sequin headband I have had for a while that played off the gold chain belt that came with the dress.  I gotta say lately, Lane Bryant has been...TRENDY!  Yeah!  Like totally on point with trendy garments that women love.  I like to also add to that TIMELESS, because this dress could work 10 years from now and the cut would still keep it interesting. 

It was a night shoot, that came out very blurry!!!  Better next time!  Promise!


Dress-Lane Bryant
Shoes-Lane Bryant


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pretty in thrifted Purple!

The semester is FINALLY and I do mean FINALLY over.  I did ok, probably could have done better.  I'm not a morning person.  That's neither here or there.  This is what I wore on my last official day of school.  The dress is thrifted, and I've been waiting for the right occasion and it came in handy on this beautiful day.  What a pretty pattern!  Not sure if I considerate  it tribal but it does make me think bright and alive.  Besides I love purple it's my favorite color and oddly enough I don't wear it often. 

I'm trying not to put too much heat on my hair lately.  I really need to decide on a style and commit to it for a while to give my hair a break.

Hope you like the all natural look.  No make up either.  And my eyebrows definitely need waxing.

The weather, Oh the weather!  I hope it stays like this!  It is all I want.


Leg Warmer things-DOTS

Friday, May 4, 2012

Its been a while!

Hey guys!  I know it's been a while since my last post.  I hope all of you are still with me!  I've been very busy with school and stuff.  It's the end of the semester and I've been stressed to the max.  Also, I haven't been wearing anything fashionable lately.  Due to being poor and a lack of inspiration.  I just started rehearsal for a new musical, " The Me Nobody Knows" at The Theater Company in Hoboken, NJ, which is so exciting.  I can't wait to share more about with you all.  The music is beautiful and the storyline about angst ridden teenagers in NYC in the 70's when drugs were taking over and we were involved in the Vietnam War is still reminiscent of what's still going on in today's America.  If any of you are in the Tri-State area you should try to come out and see it in June, you will love it.

Manik Magazine will be launching soon and as you all know I am a contributing writer to the online Plus Size publication and I will be tweeting about it's arrival very soon.  Please stay tuned and follow me on twitter @thickspot!  I will be doing a giveaway soon also that I'm sure you will all love.

As for this outfit, it was thrown together but came out really nice.  Got a few compliments on it so I wanted to share.  I was going crazy this day because I never got to the mall as planned (It was raining and stuff)  for this performance I had in school.  But I've had this sweater dress for a couple months I got for like $4.00 dollars at my favorite RED, WHITE, and BLUE in South Jersey so I threw it together with some tights from Ashley Stewart, and a Bolero my Mom got me from Ashley Stewart and WAH-LAH a start is born.  It came out better than expected.  And yes the weather is still terrible cool in Jersey City to wear things like this.  CRAZY ASS WEATHER as matter of a fact.

I hope where ever u are u are enjoying Spring and all it's beauty I am looking forward to finals being over.