Sunday, June 24, 2012

OOTD: Old Navy

Good weather equals good times!  Right?  I've been a little moody lately, but the wonderful weather does help.  I didn't mean to wear a Old Navy T-shirt or Old Navy shorts.  The outfit kinda just happened.  And I know I haven't posted anything since earlier this month, so I figured's time!

 I got the shorts actually at Re/Dress NYC the plus size consignment shop that has since closed in Brooklyn!  **TEAR** I did find some stylish finds in there.  I threw on this regular navy tee from Old Navy and went to dine with my friends for some fresh Mexican food.

When I post next it will definitely be a"LATELY" post which I haven't done in a while!

This time last year I was at NYC GAY PRIDE but this year i just couldn't swing it.  I hope all of you are in good health and enjoying your summer!

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Shirt-Old Navy
Shorts-Old Navy (plus) RE/DRESS
Shoes-Rocket Dog
Earrings-Vender at NJ FFFWEEK

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I really don't know what season it is anymore.  I was so freaking hopeful that it would stay HOT!  I love the summer, but NO!  That's to good to be true.  This is NJ and in NJ nothing is as it seems.  So if any of you are in warm hot places in the country or the world, please don't rub it in!  I will get jealous, because all I want is a tan!  Anywhoo!

Today due to the rainy, moody atmosphere I had to cover up more than I like.  I do however get to wear those styling leopard shoes from Aerosol's that I got at a miraculous discount and were first introduced on the blog here.... and I got to finally wear this big dookie chain necklace I got from the RED, WHITE, & BLUE!!!  Its super heavy but I think gave the outfit a lot of personality.  Statement jewelry is what its all about to make a plan outfit look fab!

Jeggings-Lane Bryant

Hope u likey!


Saturday, June 2, 2012

JC fridays!

As I said in my last post.  June 1st marked JC Fridays in Jersey City, it happens four times a year at the turn of every season.  The weather was back and forth yesterday.  Hot, chilly, rainy but the show must go on.  I was the 7:30 talent.  I had a 30 minute set that went pretty darn good.  I was there in the company of fellow artists, which I love.  Some friends.

I wore this shirt I got a while back from my favorite thrift store in south Jersey.  It's actually a great addition to my wardrobe and on time with the high/low trend going on right now.  It was shorter in the front and longer in the back.  Because it was so windy it blew my shirt open quite a bit to expose my stomach.  (TUMMY TIME)  Which is also a trend.  And as a fat girl to take part in the semi-crop top trend I felt like I was doing my duty.  Even though it's a trend that some small and large people would look down upon any girl with a few extra pounds on her partaking in it.  But I did it.  It was fun.  I mean Sheesh* it's almost summer!!!

                                                           Me and my Beloved Liam!!!

                                                                    I was soo happy!!!

                                                    Braclet-A gift

Friday, June 1, 2012

1st day of SUMMER! All I really wanted!

This past week has been shitty!  Truly shitty to say the least.  But like the seasons change I too must go on!  To awaken the real ME, I got myself together and went out with my beloved Liam on one of our minnie adventures.  When U're down in the dumps all there is to do is to pray, hang tight with your close friends, and throw on something that makes u happy!  This shirt or Blouse is old, probably a couple summers old.  I believe I wore it in my earlier years of my blog.  And I don't really do too many flowers, but this is top is cute.  Pale, pastel that will be "IN" every summer allowing the sun to hit it ever so nicely.  My favorite shorts from last summer from TORRID, and my new FABULOUS sandals from K-MART!  The gems u find there are amazing!  Don't sleep on K-Mart!  If u follow me on INSTAGRAM than U probably have already seen a few of these pics!  And if u don't, come and check out (((thickspot)))... follow me!  I post up there far more regular than the blog!  :(

                                                            Me and Liam's hats and wallets!

                                                 I wanted my blue polka dot bra to show!

                                                               Necklaces-Torrid, F21 
                                                                       Wallet- Dots                                                         

I'm performing tonight in Jersey City for a cty wide event called JC fridays.  A little singing and some poetry, so this should get my mind off things and it should be a blast!  Hope u are all having a wonderful day.  Enjoying our first full day of summer.  NJ comes alive this time a year, I absolutely love it and I will be singing and partying all night!  Like the artist that I am.

Live you life to the fullest and don't let people destroy your dreams!