Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Asos Tights~!

Hey guys, sorry for the delay in postings.  It was the end of the semester then I had some camera issues, but its all good for the moment.  I saw recently that a lot of our favorite bloggers got their Asos packages in the mail and shared with you guys their wonderful additions to their closets.  I too got a package in the mail in the last couple of weeks.  I wanted those killer mesh insert leggings for the longest and finally got them.  I think I could have gottem them in a UK 20 or 22, I got them in a UK 24.  But I still rocked them.  I'll post the grey Asos Curve Bow Back Dress soon.  I also finally made my way to Re/Dress NYC and got a few things, one of them was this cute little shirt dress.  I paired it with the Asos tights and some boots on a rainy day here in Jersey and the rest is history!  Hope you like it!

Dress:  Re/Dress NYC
Leggings:  Asos Curve
Boots:  DSW
Bag:  Louis Vuitton