Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Falling...All over Fall

Hey Ladies, I am sooo ready for fall!  My favorite season.  I know I showed you some good stuff recently, but I think I finally mastered polyvore so my ideas and inspirations are a little more clear!  A big Shot out and thank U to all my new followers!  Welcome.  Yea!  It means a lot.  I also wanna give a big congrats to Gabi over at for becoming the first evert MTV TJ!  Also a fellow blogger, fashionista, and curvy fly ass chick!  Go head girl!!!

As you can see I want some more prints in my life and there are a ton of animal prints and fun graphics this Fall, and hopefully I'll be lucky enough to purchase every single thing, because deep down inside I want them all, but who knows if my pockets can make it happen.  Im still awaiting my Asos order too, hopefully it will be here by saturday.  I may want to wear something from it this weekend.  I have truly been having an amazing summer with a few setbacks.  I'll be moving soon, so that may slow things down a bit.  But Im going hard in the month of August in every way!   Because when september comes, thats time to buckle down and get those A's baby.
Alright ladies have a good one, stay cool and sexy!!!

black wrapover brogues- view all - new in - evans

Aren't these Evans shoes the shit??? Omg please say Yes!


Anonymous said...

that faith 21 dress and the musical note shirt from asos are great! i love fall too. i bought a new pair of fall boots from urban outfitters online a few weeks back, and when i received them, i didn't care that it was 90 degrees out... i HAD to wear them :) can't wait for the weather to cool down so i can wear them more often.

StephanieDJL said...

I love the Faith 21 pieces & I will get my hands on that ASOS music note jumper!