Tuesday, January 24, 2012

OOTD: Fahionable Re-peat!

This satin shirt!  I believe it's satin!  It may be silk, I can't remember!  I do know that I can't get enough of it.  The color makes me soo happy!  Bright, shiney and a loose fit.  I get compliments on it every time I wear it and that lets me know it's not getting old.  I have worn this on 2 previous posts on my blog.  I wore it to school last week and my friend was like you should take pictures in that blouse.  So that's exactly what I did.  And I finally got to rock one of my favorite headbands from Forever21 on this blog.  It never before made an appearance! 

U know me!  I topped it all off with Gold accessories!

Jeans-Ashley Stewart
Boots-Shoe dept.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


It's snowing out and I'm Not wearing anything that would serve as inspiration to any of you.  Instead I was thinking of showing you fashionable Inspirations 4 me!  Hoping that they would inspire you/ or Not.  Feel free to tell me if any of them don't ring well with you.  Some are new, some are old, some you know, and some maybe you won't!  But be open-minded and see if there's anything that catches your eye!

Gwen as many of you all know is one of my all time favorite fashion icons.  She has that mix of hard, tough-edge that all women want to possess, mixed with the femininity that the world looks for us to have.  She's pretty even when she's dressed rough and thats really beautiful to me.  These jeans (which I believe are from her L.A.M.B. line) I kill 4 them!  The cut is beautiful.  I know many other big girls would call 4 a boycott of Ms. Gwen and her line.  But I have loved her wayyy before she came out with her own line.  And I like to think and pray she will soon embrace her curvy fans and followers!

Look at EVA the DIVA!  I'm amazed by her!  This look is actually kinda reminiscent of Gwen's!  But it still makes me very interested in this girl.  If I didn't know it was EVA I would probably follow her for a couple of blocks down a busy street just to figure her out.  Knowing she would have to be a artist or something.  Then Eva completely shows me a different side with...

WOW!  I have never seen her looking like this.  I can't say she's one of my all time favs, but I'm watching!!!  At least I want to know who her stylist is!

You probably don't know her!  But you should. KESH is like everything to me!  The style, the look, the attitude, the energy, the art!  OMG!  She damn near turns me on!  She'e KESH dammit!  She's an amazing Fashion designer, Fashion Icon, DJ,Stylist, artistic director, blogger and just the voice of the streets.  Born in London and went completely famous for her style!  Making t-shirts that the likes of Kanye West, M.I.A. and Lupe Fiasco rocked.  Look her Youtube videos up.  I have been obsessed with her for like 5 years or so!  Before I started blogging!  She makes almost everything she wears.  You can find her between London, NYC, & LA!

CHECK out her Blog at www.keshcontinues.com.  She's sells her T-shirts there from time to time!

M.I.A. I love her music, and her artistic point of view.  She's a woman with a strong mind and you can see that just with this pic.  But like most women is sexy just because she is.  And she embrace's it all about herself.  I especially love her hair.  She has that kept, yet un-kept look that I love and gives me someone to identify with since I share the same sentiment.  I mean look at her!  Not too much make-up and a look of confidence that every womam should wear!

During the late 80's tot he early 90's Lisa Bonet was one of the baddest bitches on earth.  Of mixed race and a earthy yet, seductive look!  During that time she graced the cover of Rolling Stone mags as well as all those Teen Beats, and Black Beat magazines.  She use to be married to Lenny Kravitz and together they had a daughter Zoe Kravitz thats one of the biggest fashion icons today.  She is still beautiful too!  But I love this era and will often watch The Cosby Show just to see what she wore!

Solange can do No wrong and I am eagerly awaiting her sophmore album.  The more interesting of the two for me!  And her style speaks wayy more volumes to me than Beyonce!  Not that I don't love me some BEY!  But Solange's fashion risks are so daring.  Once she shaved her head, and now this green lace dress!!!  2 die 4!  She lives in Brooklyn, Dj's and just signed a modeling contract!  <3

Prince!!!  My all time favorite Inspiration 4 ever & ever!  And this era of Prince around 1986/87 is my absolute favorite.  Here he is steppin out with Shelia E and Kat from his then band.  You know he stayed with the shoulder pads, pumps and big hair!  He can do No wrong in my eyes and b4 I was collecting clothes and obsessed with fashion, it was music and it was PRINCE!  I have a huge Prince Collection and during highschool while everyone else was listening to NSYNC and Biggie Smalls, I was catching up on one of music's most exstensive catalogs!

Unfortunately non- of these people are plus-sized!  That's where blogging comes into play!  I also love street fashion which comes in all shapes and sizes.  I also love blogs!  I read many with women of again, all shapes and sizes.  These photo's and people are just Inspiration.  A guide to what I like and how I can make it my own!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

OOTD "Plaid"!

I have worn this b4, early on in my blog.   Probably very similar because that's what makes it true to my style.  It's a simple outfit that I think matches the weather we've been having lately!  Rainy and rude!  Cold and damp.  Windy and bitter.   So I couldn't get all dolled up if it was going to rain on my 'parade' so to speak.  I can't wait 4 spring.  I love living in NJ because you can experience all the seasons.  But really I long for the hotter months.  Maybe because I'm a July baby?  I dunno!

As you can see I am still kinda addicted to this INSTAGRAM and probably will be 4 a while!  It's so fun!

I hope your guys are staying warm wherever u are!  And WOW 74 followers since the last post!!!  Well hello, 2 all of u!  Welcome 2 the Thick Spot!  I hope u stay!


Plaid top-Ashley Stewart (long time ago)
Cami-Old Navy
Earrings-Kiosk at Newport Mall

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lately...& Good NEWS!!!

I use to try and do a post every month called "Lately" to show my followers what I've been up to lately, what I've been into, and what's going on in the world of pop-culture and fashion.  So I figured I try and start it up again for 2012.  Here it goes...

1)  Lately...I've been keeping up with my New Year's resolution of wearing more make-up. With my quest in trying to achieve a complete head to toe L00K!  I've been surprisingly successful!
For just $1.50 you can pick up this cream blush from Forever21 in different hues of pink!  I like the CORAL looking one!  And for the price of $1.50 I wasn't scared to try it out!  You can find it in their Love and Beauty section over at www.forever21.com!

2)  I've gotten casted in a play.  It's a African American play about 6 women and the hats they wear to church.  It's going up on it's feet at the end of February/early March and I'm already very proud of it.  Here's a pic of the book it was adapted from!

3)  These shoes I got a REALLY good deal on at Aereosoles in Manhattan.  Originally $79.99, but I scored them for $39.95!  Did I mention they're leopard?  I haven't styled them yet, but don't you fret, soon it will be done!

4)  I'm also really digging these NYC street vendors.  I've been buying lots of worth it buys from them Lately!  Like these geek glasses!  I didn't know how I felt about jumping on the band wagon with this trend; especially since I really do wear glasses!  But these were so Dope!  And if I could put my prescription in them I would.  And I think I might do something like that very soon!

5)  I am just addicted to my Ipod touch and Instagram!  I'm officially switching over to all apple products in 2012, which will probably help the blog run a bit smoother!  Anyways...check out the pics of me and my talented good friend Liam on one of our outings in NYC!  All through the eyes of instagram.

2 fly-Ass Nerds!!!

6)  I've been waiting to tell you guys some exciting news.  Now that it's official I am can announce that I am a contributing writer for online plus size magazine, MANIK MAG!  Stay tuned for the launch of the new voice of plus size fashion and all things pertaining to big/curvy women.  You won't be disappointed!  Here is a link to their blog in the meantime http://www.manikmag.com/blog/  while we eagerly await the magazine's launch!!!!!  :D  I am all smiles and soooooo excited! 

Stay tuned guys!  2012 is our year!

Thanks 4 reading!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I just recently got casted in a play that will open in Jersey City in late Febuary/early March!  I am very excited!  I get to do it with one of my close friends and fellow curvy chic Melrose!  Tuesday was the first rehearsal and got a cutie to snag these photos of me before I walked out the door!  Excuse my apartment its a mess!  School starts Monday, I'm going to clean it by then!  It's also suppose to snow all night and day, so the only thing to do in that is clean!

Hope your enjoying your wonderful selves!

PS:  I've been doing really good with wearing more make-up thus far this year!  It's turning into grown up fun!

Jacket-Lane Bryant (super old)
Bag-Fashion to Figure
Necklace-Street Vendor

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Welcome 2012!

I know I'm late but I've been enjoying my new year thus far and haven't really been around my computer to do my usual updates.  Right now I'm at my parents house in quaint little Bordentown NJ.  This is where I spent New Years Eve, New Years Day and all the days that have followed since welcoming 2012 with open arms.  The pictures were really taken New Years Day, or better yet New Year's Morning!  When I came home around 7am I got my MOM dukes to snap these shots for me!  Please excuse the partied out hair and my tired appearance.  The sweater/cardigan however, I got THRIFTED!  (YEAH)  From my favorite thrift store, the RED,WHITE and BLUE on route 33 Hamilton NJ!  I got it for like $3.99, equipped with shoulder pads and all!  I've had it for quite sometime just never wore it and had someone to take my picture!  But I really liked how this spur of the moment outfit came about!

You'll also get to see one of my Christmas presents, my new Ipod touch!  I'm in love with it!  I hope you like and are enjoying your new year!

PS:  Did U get anything cool you want to share???  Feel free!

PSS:  Did U check out PLUS MODEL MAG's JANUARY ISSUE???  It's to die for, so go over to www.plusmodelmag.com and check it out!