Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fall 2010

Looks like Fall is going to make a lot of us Curvacious ladies go crazy!  Some of our favorite plus size desingers and stores are stocking up on all things fashion forward.  I am really looking forward to fall, its my favorite season.  Not too hot, not too cold, its just right.  I have been going through a lot of things in my personnel life so the whole symbolism of Fall and things changing may be just what I need.  Cuz, Lord knows Mama needs a new wardrobe!  Here's a few things I am already Jonesing for.  Mouth watering, pockets already depleting and dreams of hooking up outfits and turning heads!  Hope u guys like it!

Check out this super fly burntout tee over at Alloy.  I can't really say its apart of their fall collection because its been on their website for some time, but I just discovered it.  I LOVE IT!  And they have a few other shirts made out of that same like distressed material.  I think it will look so dope with a pair of leggings and some sneakers.  On one those days you don't want to get too, too dressed but still wanna look nice!

This blazer is pretty Dope!  I would love to see it in Person, I really wish OldNavy had their plus size line still in stores.  They did when I use to work there.  The good thing is though if you don't like what your bought you can return it in store.  This blazer is kinda special!  Why?  Its made out of Fleece!!!!  Duh!  Thats why I really wanna see it and touch it!  But I know I'll probably order it.  It comes in Grey and Black.  Its super soft and would look greet with a fitted hoodie or like a long tank or vest!  More than that it will look so dope on that casual kinda everyday look that I love with these amazing legggings right below from!

Dope!!!  O so Dope!  They got the drawstring which makes them look like lounge wear, but to me that makes them extra comfortable and I think they would go great with the fleece hoodie above.  Here they are shown in Heather Grey but they also come in Black.  I'm really feeling this, they will look great in class!

There are soooo many pieces at Evans that I want.  Really there are!!!  I love the color blue and this sequin sexy top made for going on is right on the mark.  Its see through, it has sequins, its light with movement.  In the words of Rachael Zoe, "OMG I just Died"!  I would love to wear this like August actually for a party on the beach it immediately reminds me of water!  Evans has a lot of great things in store for us and I'm loving it!

Check out the shoulders on this beautiful floral hoodie.  Torrd has really touched on some beautiful pieces for the fall.  This Hoodie is soo cute and to die for.  U can add this hoodie to some leggings on jeans with a fly pair of boots and your off!  I am really loving it.  It has a great cut and as you can see floral is still in but with fall colors, or darker.  Grey will be everywhere this fall, and hopefully this will get to my closet!

Then we have these outrageous boots from Torrid!  They come in black and brown and couldn't be cuter!  I love the woven material at the top, then a cute buckle on the bottom and a big chunky heel!  I am definitely getting these ASAP!  Before they are out of my beloved size 11!  Torrid is giving Evans a run for their money with these stylish boots and you can go in store and try them on!  I hope they don't dissappoint when I get there!

So thats about it!  There's a lot more, and new clothes come out everyday! 's new collection will be up in 3 days.  You can go there and check out their look book.  As of right now its very black, which could be good and bad and I think a signature for them!   I am still excited they are very fashion forward and are still selling off their clearance right now.  I will be placing a order soon and am anxiously waiting for it to go up.  I know it will be amazing and hopefully can add some fierce-ness to my closet.

I am going out this weekend so hopefully someone will be around to play photgrapher!  I hope all of you are having a great summer!  Peace and Love!

O yeah the picture up top of me is old of a dress I never got to wear that I will wear this fall! 
By Ashley Stewart

Friday, July 9, 2010

Wing it!

2day was a little cooler and I could wear something a little more flowy!  I had this shirt from H&M's Garden Collection for a few months now!  Just never really had a reason, or thought it wasn't appropiate or just really didn't know how to style it.  But like most outfits I wear, it just happened that day!!!  Like, the leggings have always been there and the shirt...but it wasn't until today that it made sense!  So I hooked it up!  And I loved it!!!  I was like, "Wow, why haven't I worn this before?"  The shirt has long wings, more than bell shape.  Just more romantic and soft.  This is the kind of  look that make u feel so girly.  Not to mention that Pale - Pastel - Pink!  I love this shirt even more now.  After I saw how the light hit it.  The camera seem to like it too!  My friend, Hope took the pictures for me...I hope u like it!  I adore being pretty in pink :)!

Shirt-H&M (Garden Collection)
Leggings-Old Navy
Charm Necklace-Forever21

Monday, July 5, 2010


Feliz Quotro Un Julio!  Or belated Happy 4th of July, depends on how u look at it.  I took these pics real late at night, so excuse whatever blurriness.  This outfit isn't spectacular but clever, and cool!  It was so hot yesterday, so I just wanted to be comfortable, not so sticky.  I went to Old Navy early in the morning to get an outfit.  I came from my apartment and really didn't like anything I brought with me to my parents house.  I saw this lounge wear shirt and decided it was cute and appropiate for the day.  So I got it 2 sizes smaller than I normally would, cause of the material and how old navy stretches out and all, not to forget I wanted to wear it as a dress!  I paired it with some black leggings I got in the store which is not their plus size section but the 2xl fit fine.  Paired it with my signature jewelry... (my heart charm from my mom, and a gold chain I scored thrifted)...and I was out! 

I also had a little white jacket I got from Lane Bryant last summer but it was far too hot!  I didn't even care about how fat my arms were!!!!  Stay Cool guys!

~here im getting ready, doing the make-up while my hair is still wrapped up in  silk scarf waiting to bare the heat!~

top-Old Navy
Leggings-Old Navy
shoes-clear jellies by Bongo

Friday, July 2, 2010


Yeah Summer! And yes, I'm back hopefully for good I think I have worked out my camera issues!!!  This is my first post in a long time and my first ever in shorts.  Me and my mom traveled from Jersey to Baltimore for my sisters husbands Not so Surprise birthday shin-dig and its so hot in the south.  So I decided to wear these twill shorts that I pick-up at Re-dress NYC!  They're by Old Navy for their plus size line.  One of the many few items I picked up there in April!  I really need to go back soon, probably this week for the blogger conference!  I paired it with a V E R Y old shirt I still have from Torrid.  I got it like in 2004  or something around the time I first discovered them in a mall in Maryland.  I paired it with my clear gladiators by Bongo!  Please excuse the big hair.....its amazing what the humidity can do!

                                                Thank you if your still tuning in!

Shorts-Re/Dress NYC (Old Navy)