Saturday, December 29, 2012

Flowers??? A lil bit!

 I never posted these pics although I did post one or two of them on my instagram when I first took them.  I thought my hair looked absolutely insane and my yellow bra I wore underneath this sheer shirt was exposed by the Camera's flash.  However looking back at them I realized WOW I look smaller here.  So now I love them.  This was at my height of doing meatless Mondays and eating better so I finally decided to share. 

Flowers?  Yeah, I'm not the type of chick that particularly loves flowers.  I mean I love getting them and smelling them and all that cute shit.  But I don't really like wearing them.  It's Not me!!!  However, every once in a while you find a floral print u fall in love with and gotta have.  I love this shirt.  The flowers, how sheer it is, and how it hangs off the body.  So comfortable and forgiving yet stylish.  I got it from K-MART.  I say often, "Don't sleep on K-MART", that LYS collection for the curvy women is so brilliant.  Offering u the styles and price every woman can adore.  As for the bra, let me tell you, I am a firm believer in wearing colorful undergarments.  Sometimes not realizing they are exposed.  But they make me feel sexy and people usually seem surprised that a big girl can find colorful bras and undies and even more shocked that she has the audacity to wear them.  Most of my under garments are extremely flamboyant.  Sorry if my bra showing looks tacky.  I really didn't know.

Blazer-Ashley Stewart

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Here is my very first purchase I ever made from SimpleBe.  Like I said in my previous post I never bought anything from them, but I am so happy I finally did.  This dress is gorgeous.  Very conservative but totally fit its purpose.  It was my vocal final at my Juries.  Which is the last test I have to take every semester.  Since I truly believe in FATISM and that the majority of the world (fat people included) are offended by other peoples FAT or CURVES, I usually get a critique that they would like me a little bit more covered up.  I saw this dress in a SIMPLYBE catalog that came out early fall and knew it was the one.  It also seemed like a dress that I would have for a long time and wear over and over again.  Definitely to church with my Auntie!

Well here are some pics I snapped in it!

Hope U like it!




Friday, December 21, 2012

Places I've Never shopped

I consider myself somewhat of a shopaholic.  I shop pretty often and could almost all day everyday if I had the funds to do so.  But of course like many people I am a repeat offender.  My heart longs and caters to some of the same shops.  Just like a Doctor or a Hairstylist when you find the right one that never seems to steer you wrong you keep coming back and back.  Thats how I am with ASOS, Forever21, Target, Torrid, K-Mart, Ross, Marshalls, Ashley Stewart and my favorite thrift store in Hamilton, NJ.  I've had a bad experience with London fashion super store EVANS, that has prevented me from shopping there again although I often look through their catalog longing to wear their items.

This year I recently started shopping from SimplyBe and absolutely love it.  The cut, the fit, the style, the fabrics they leave longing for more.  I wish there were possibly a little more affordable but I do believe their clothes are worth it.  I also returned to shop at Lane Bryant.  Usually finding their clothes to be somewhat off trend, it is my understanding they have a new creative director and was bought out charmers shoppes inc..  However I have conflicting stories to know the truth of that rumor but now I think they are starting to cater to the young plus size women and still keep their solid following of the working/business plus size women.  With that said, I have made some fabulous purchases from them as of late. 

Stores however that I am eager to try out are as follows:

Modcloth is top on my list.  The fact that they have a large selection of clothes that go up to a size 4x truly turns me on.  Saddly they seem to sell out of their VERY plus size stuff quickly.  Visually I see why...they have vintage or vintage inspired pieces that big girls long for.  Those old classic Donna Reid cuts or those festive paterns from yester years.  They are exspensive at least for me but are made in America which totally makes me want to support!  They seem like rare artisian Gems. 

nakimuli run and owned by a funky little chick named Tennille Nakimuli caters to the woman pushing the plus size boundaries.  She makes straight sizes and plus sizes and custom pieces all out of Brooklyn.  Many Celebs curvy and not (Jill Scott & Erykah Badu) have been spotted rocking her stuff.  I have been in awww of her things for a while and soon I will be coping my first piece of hers.  Definitely a New Years resolution.  Please check her out.  Follow her on Instagram she is amazing.

17 Sundays Is a Australian based company that has very interested jackets and other cute items that definitely make me wanna possibly explore making a purchase.  The name is also fitting, they were  going for what it was like when we were 17.  But I do find them extremely exspensive.

donatellas WOW~!  This is a site that I will probably make a purchase as soon as Christmas is over and I'm done shopping for others.  They have leggings, tights and hoisery that goes up to like a 7x!!!  Thats too cool, you can't say they discriminate and they have free shipping worldwide from LONDON!  I'm in love!

out of the corner boutique These clothes are sooo cute so trendy.  I discovered it recently when Mia of mentioned them on one of her post.  Most of the clothes I want are sold out for the season.  So I'm really looking forward to their spring styles.  Look at this...

It is apart of my new years resolution incorporate some of these fashions in my day to day wardrobe!


Monday, December 17, 2012

A lil Black & Gold a lil Soul!

As you may know I'm a performer.  Predominantly musical theatre but I dip and dabble in other genres.  I joined the R&B Pop Ensemble this semester at school and got the chance to do a Diana Ross and the Supreme song along with "I Never Loved a Man" by Aretha Franklin.  Immediately when I saw this dress on ASOS I knew ....I GOTTA HAVE IT!!!  YESSS!!!!  I was broke at the time but scraped pennies to get it delivered promptly.  LOVE IT!  I know I wear a lot of black, but I love it, it goes with anything.  Especially anything at night.  I paired it with these American Eagle boots I got at Payless, added some big hair and <<>>I was ready to.

It runs a little short so I put some old shorts from Kmart's Love your Style line underneath them.  But the dress that could also be worn as a tunic was very comfortable, stretchy and stylish.  I hope you enjoy these backstage pics.

dress-Asos Curve
earrings-ashley stewart

Monday, December 10, 2012

purple sweater/red nails!

Last week I finally whipped out an old Purple Sweater that I hijacked from my Mother's closet.  I like to think the sweater is from a previous life since she doesn't wear it anymore.  When I first took it, it was too small.  Finally it fits wonderfully.  I've had a few shockers like that in the past couple of weeks.  Close that use to NOT fit.  Or was a little tight, fit like a glove.  Yeah to me!!!!

Honestly I wore a really beautiful ASOS dress this week.  Of course I didn't get anyone to snap any pics of me in it.  Not even instagram shots.  But I was being rather fashionable. 

Red Nails is new thing.  Which may sound completely ridiculous.  But I've always shyed away from it, mainly because everyone else was doing it.  It was almost like a "Expected Color" but now I'm all over it like white on rice.  I did my nails myself, but I think I will go get a Proper manicure for the new year, with red as my polish of course.

Anyways.  I got a lot of compliments on this shirt!  It made me very happy and a lot of other people too.  Who said sweaters have to be boring? 

Boots-Target (Dolce Vita)