Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hello girls!  I hope all is going well in your life!  I had an audition last saturday at school and I dressed up for the part.  Unfortunately I took my heels off when these pics were being snapped of me and they were super cute shoes by Franco Sarto from Macy's, and I haven't yet let you guys see them!  But i will!!!  PROMISE!  Anywhooo!...I got this super cute dress from DOTS.  Which is like a Rainbow with a plus size section, very trendy, very cheap,  and sometimes the clothes don't last very long.  I wandered in there with one of my skinny girl friends and came across this classic little number and I must say I think they're coming up in the construction of their clothes.  Its a classic piece and it will always be great for auditions or church and you could dress it up to go out on the town with it or wear it to school.  When I saw it i was so impressed and even more being that it fit so cute.  So hooray for Dots!  I hope you like it!

Tights-Lane Bryant
Shoes-Franco Sarto (not shown)
Earrings-street vendor
Necklace-gift from my mom (her heart so I wear it for luck and security)

Friday, April 23, 2010

All things Plus!

There's been a lot of exciting things going on in the plus size world this week and I thought I do a post to recap and talk about it! 

First Gabby, from the #1 plus size fashion blog  revealed her last week teaser that was definitely worth the wait.  She will be hosting the first ever plus size fashion blogger conference!!!  Which is so exciting considering there's many events like this for straight size bloggers all the time.  It gives us a chance to mingle and meet face to face and of course discuss fashion.  I think I will definitely attend this event as seeing I live right across the water in Jersey, and you guys should check out the  details too!  Go over to Gabby's blog and get all the info to RSVP, this is a historic event.

Second, Lane Bryant released a "CONTROVERSIAL" commercial featuring model I believe Ashley Graham.  She's strutting her stuff in Lane Bryant's gorgeous Cacique Intimates line.  A leader in plus size women's intimates for a long time.  Lane Bryant is claiming not getting the air time promised to them from ABC and Fox that displays Victoria's Secret line regularly.  Which is actually stiring up a lot of talk.  Much needed if you ask me, because its not really that big of a deal.  You can see the video here tell me what you think.  Is it too racey?  Too Jiggly?  Too...FAT?  Why can't a big girl work it?

Third,  Z Cavaricci jeans have returned to Torrid an absolute favorite jean of mine for a long time.  I can remember in the winter months going to Torrid and having a conversation with one of the managers about "WTF happen to Z Cavaricci?"  She said that they are coming back for the spring but here's the catch!  TORRID owns them now!!!  As told to me from the reliable source of store manager!  Which for me means they have the TORRID brand fit!  A fit that doesn't work for me or my hips or butt and for other women I speak to.  I have tried on the new Z. Cavaricci's and I was not impressed.  Now they have a  Z. Cavaricci Couture line, you can find it here Torrid  there are some cute things but I'm skeptical because its not the Z. Cavaricci's I once feel inlove with.  Here's a grey jersey chiffon top from the collection that I do love!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sing! Its Spring!

Last week me and the rest of the Musical Theatre Department had to sing for our spring mid-term like recital!  It was such a nice day (compared to the sucky weather now) so I decided to wear this super cute floral dress I got from Torrid that I was dying to wear.  It did come with a belt but I removed it while I was singing I just wanted a plain look. I paired it with some clear gladiators I had for a while that I got at They got all the styles and brands for cheap.  They're big in Philly and the Baltimore/D.C. area, but you can access them out online.  I strongly recommend their site!  I wish i took better pictures but i only got the ones my friend snapped of me.  I'm sure I'll be wearing this again so I will do it better justice!  Hope you likey!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lost & Found

Hey guys!  Heres a lost picture session from the winter, some are a little blurry.  I thought overall they came out nice so I figure I show them and see what you guys think.  I also want to know do you miss the snow?  Where are you from?  Is it warm there now or still cold?  Im trying to enjoy my spring in NJ but the weather is still a little funny.  Where ever you are enjoy your self and stay safe and cute!  :)

Jeans-Source of Wisdom (Torrid)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Fat in NY

Last weekend, me and one of my bff's, hooked up with another close friend that was in town visiting her family.  We caught the train into NY from NJ and went on our mission to have good food, find good deals and have a good time  Even though, people are supposedly their biggest now in American history.  I was pissed to walk past stores in the village only to find signs in front of the stores that say, "Only sizes xs-L, Thankyou!!!"  Excuse me, but isn't that like a modern day segregation?  You might as well have a sign that saids, "No Fats Allowed"!  A sign like that already deturs you frrom entering a store for fear of looking like a fool or being singled out!  I tell you as far as you think the plus size generation has come, there are still signs for dire improvement everywhere.

What I wore::::::::::

Jean shirt dress-Torrid
Boots-Madden Girl
Scarf-Mark (Marshalls)
Coat-Old navy
Bag-Chocolate City