Friday, April 26, 2013

Asos Peplum


I've been eyeing this stripped Asos Peplum for a while now!  For one, I love stripes, ( in fact I'm wearing tripes right now!) but I was also unsure of the peplum style.  Considering I carry most of my weight in my stomach ( I don't like it and am working on it) I was afraid it wound enhance it.  But I'm actually really happy with the peplum style, and plan to incorporate more into my wardrobe.  I also think its a great way to make any outfit more feminine, without adding flowers n such.  I paired it with this stretchy bandage skirt I've had in my closet for a while  Different from the pencil skirt by Kiyonna from the last post.  But just as cute n comfy.  Paired it with my favorite thrifted bag I've been rocking for the past few months n whipped out these Steve Madden boots that I've been dying to wear.  Since I could never get my hands on the Jeffrey Campbell starburst these were the next best thing.  I wore my LOVE earrings from Asos too!  Didn't really get to see them in these pics but check out my INSTAGRAM @thickspot, you will see them there.  It felt good.

Boots-Steve Madden


Monday, April 15, 2013

Kiyonna Pencil Skirt


If you follow me on INSTAGRAM @thickspot then you know I have made the plunge and got my first weave!  It was for a look in particular that I was going for, but honestly I am in love!  I got it done by a fabulous hair stylist that goes by the name of the, Weave Dr.!  How appealing right?  And sooo worth it and now I plan to try more styles and more things in the near future. 
With that said, this post is really about one of my closet's most essential items.  This Black Pencil Skirt by Kiyonna that I got at K-Station Plus size Boutique in Baltimore last October.  If you missed it, read it Here.  I have worn this many times but never had anyone to really take any pics of me!  I got my friend to snap some before I took it down for the evening.  So chic!  The Boutique owner sold me on it by making sure I understood that the construction of the skirt was official and it was something that wouldn't rip easily or get too worn in.  That it is a staple item to last forever, classic and always in style.  So with that I had to have it!  I have already got a lot of wear out of it.  This was more of a professional serious look.  I had other boots on when I first went outside that day.  But my feet started to hurt so I opted for my black sweater boots from K-Mart!  So comfortable. 
Hopefully when I go to visit my sister this summer I can stop in at K-Station again for a another splurge the owner Jade is always ready to help.

Blazer-Ashley Stewart
Day one of the Weave!