Monday, August 30, 2010

Rihanna - Te Amo

Here's a few more of my favorite things!

Kourtney Kardashian-OMG!  I love her.  She is like my girl crush of the moment!  I think she's the prettiest Kardashian, the most grounded and has more of a effortless style.  I also really love her boyfriend's style too, Scott!  I adore his Upper East Side Prep look.  It may look dorky on some guys tying sweaters around his neck and no hair out of place.  But he has swagger and he just works, works,... works it.  I love them together and hope they make it!

~WOW!  Never thought I would see this side of Rihanna!!!  2010 look what you brought out of us!  I like the song tho!  Just sooo unexpected!  U like?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Ok Guys! Amanda never gave me the pics of her from her birthday so I figure I show you what Monique wore that night! This is the girl behind the camera of my last few outfit posts. My friend Monique and fellow curvacious sister. Monique has a super creative eye for angles and has listened to everything "Tyra" has said so closely, lol! But she looks amazing! Always working it and beautiful. I would describe her style and earthy and tribal maybe, but her thoughts are a little different.

EFFTC-Can you describe your personnal style ???

Monique- I take simple things and put them together like a puzzle!

EFFTC- What is the one item you can't live without???

Monique- A scrunchy!  Because I like 2 put my hair up!


Outfit-top,vest, jeans, ALL FROM DOTS!!!

And a big goodbye to that apartment!  It will be missed.  On to the Next One!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

pics that inspire

Hey guys!  I just wanted to do some quick pics about stuff I like that inspire me!  People, places or things.  U can find inspiration for fashion or life any where!  So keep your eyes open!  I hope you like these pics.  Have a good one!


Xtina's Closet!!! <3 it!  And her little boy is sooo adorable in the midst of that leopard and pink!

They look rich in an exspensive way and fat.  Therefore, I love it!  And they are purple and pink.

Don't know if this is a random curvy chick or Mia Tyler!

Kanye West looks exquisite with his gold Loui luggage bags!  He may be an opinionated asshole but Kanye West can dress his fucking ass off!  I love his style!

I love this pic of Vanity 6!  Prince protagee's from the 80's!  If you didn't know I am a huge die hard Prince fan.  And these chicks are Bad in a Good way.  I would love to get some of my thick friends and remake this pic on a staircase.

Had to have a picture of Prince too.  He inspires me in fashion, music, art and anything creative!!!  I love u!

Thats where I wanna live!  The U.K. mainly London, England.  Always been obsessed with their culture and style and music.  I really love London street fashion.  Check out this blog!

Hope u like that post to hold u over!

Monday, August 16, 2010


I recently took a day trip to maryland to go see an old friend.  I just wanted to be comfortable and didn't think there was anything special about this outfit, but I got a lot of compliments on it.  So I snapped some pics in Jersey before I left.  It was cool on this day so I got to wear my Jean Jacket.  Everyone saids a jean jacket is a signature item in your closet.  Truth be told I haven't had one in a while, but when I hopped on the train and took my 1st trip to Re/Dress nyc I found 2 that I liked.  I struggled back and forth between which one I wanted, but inevitably the cheaper one won!!!  So cute and comfortable I have been rocking it all summer on the cool days.  I really need to stop procrasinating and go back to Re/Dress Nyc but I really wanna go when I have sorted out some old clothes and have some money to buy some other stuff.  Anyways, thats my jean jacket!!!  Yup I got one spice up any plain outfit like mine, just throw on your fave jacket and maybe some earrings.  It will surely make you feel cool and sexy in a plain outfit!

Have a Good One!!!  XOXOXO~SAMILLE

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Hello all! Friday Night I had another party to go to. It was also Amanda's party!!! She's a summer baby like me and she turned 21 like Hope. Not only that but it was my homeboy Miron's birthday too! So in my head I planned to start my night in NYC for Amanda's birthday at this club called PANCHA and end it at CASAER'S PALACE in Atlantic City. Pretty ambitious dreaming I tell yah. I can't say I was successful but I did have a blast! Here you'll see what I wore to two the shin-digs. I did get my Asos order but didn't wear it that night but I probably will soon. Instead I wore this white and black Faith 21 Dress with all these panels. I guess you can say body-con. I wore black Spanx underneath but you can still see all my ooyee gooyee goodness! I didn't care tho', I was going to Manhatten and Atlantic City!!! Two places wear you can blend in by sticking out very easily. As soon as I get picks of Amanda I will post pt. 2. She looked real pretty.   I hope you all had a good weekend too!!!  Thanks for stopping by :)

I wore boots because it wasn't hot or humid on Friday and because of all the walking
I was going to have to do!  What do you think?

                                                   Boots-Ms. Sixty
                                                   Clutch-Old Navy
                                              Necklaces-A bunch of mine

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Falling...All over Fall

Hey Ladies, I am sooo ready for fall!  My favorite season.  I know I showed you some good stuff recently, but I think I finally mastered polyvore so my ideas and inspirations are a little more clear!  A big Shot out and thank U to all my new followers!  Welcome.  Yea!  It means a lot.  I also wanna give a big congrats to Gabi over at for becoming the first evert MTV TJ!  Also a fellow blogger, fashionista, and curvy fly ass chick!  Go head girl!!!

As you can see I want some more prints in my life and there are a ton of animal prints and fun graphics this Fall, and hopefully I'll be lucky enough to purchase every single thing, because deep down inside I want them all, but who knows if my pockets can make it happen.  Im still awaiting my Asos order too, hopefully it will be here by saturday.  I may want to wear something from it this weekend.  I have truly been having an amazing summer with a few setbacks.  I'll be moving soon, so that may slow things down a bit.  But Im going hard in the month of August in every way!   Because when september comes, thats time to buckle down and get those A's baby.
Alright ladies have a good one, stay cool and sexy!!!

black wrapover brogues- view all - new in - evans

Aren't these Evans shoes the shit??? Omg please say Yes!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Hi Everybody, I hope u all woke up without a Hangover!  Last Night was my friend Hope's Birthday!  She turned 21 and in true fashion wanted to go to the bar!  Me and my homegirl Monique were busy getting twisted way before we left.  We left my apartment a wreck and she took some truly fabulous pics of me!
I hope u Enjoy us working it out!  And I am wearing some really cute heels, that I haven't had a chance to display in any post so far!  And the skirt is from Target. Target has so many cute skirts in the straight sizes in so many colors and they stretch i got this in a XL and it worked!!!  Please Enjoy!!!  Peace and Luv guys!

I had to have one in black and white!  Excuse the mess!

Me and the Birthday Girl!  Hope!

Hope & Monique...A.k.A.  Cleavage!!!

Drunk and still voguing!

Me and the girls crazy ripped and Hope looks like shes about to tumble :(
Raw bathroom pics!

Enjoy your summer girls, no matter your size or what you going through, just have fun and work it ladies!
Your worth it!!!!!!!

Boyfriend blazer-Torrid
Shoes-Franco Sarto
Necklaces-just a whole bunch!