Sunday, August 15, 2010


Hello all! Friday Night I had another party to go to. It was also Amanda's party!!! She's a summer baby like me and she turned 21 like Hope. Not only that but it was my homeboy Miron's birthday too! So in my head I planned to start my night in NYC for Amanda's birthday at this club called PANCHA and end it at CASAER'S PALACE in Atlantic City. Pretty ambitious dreaming I tell yah. I can't say I was successful but I did have a blast! Here you'll see what I wore to two the shin-digs. I did get my Asos order but didn't wear it that night but I probably will soon. Instead I wore this white and black Faith 21 Dress with all these panels. I guess you can say body-con. I wore black Spanx underneath but you can still see all my ooyee gooyee goodness! I didn't care tho', I was going to Manhatten and Atlantic City!!! Two places wear you can blend in by sticking out very easily. As soon as I get picks of Amanda I will post pt. 2. She looked real pretty.   I hope you all had a good weekend too!!!  Thanks for stopping by :)

I wore boots because it wasn't hot or humid on Friday and because of all the walking
I was going to have to do!  What do you think?

                                                   Boots-Ms. Sixty
                                                   Clutch-Old Navy
                                              Necklaces-A bunch of mine


Moya2bean said...

MEOW! U look amazing

DaisyLine said...

very nice dress :) you have so crazy pics :D
DaisyLine from