Thursday, July 28, 2011

OOTD and Clothing Swap!

Hey guys!  This is a real quick outfit of the day post!  I really thought it was kind of a throw away outfit but my mother and friend insisted that it wasn't and that I should take some photos for my blog!  Nothing too fancy at all and my nail polish is chipped, time to get another mani, but I convinced my girlfriend to snap some quick photos! 

Now following the outfit post will be some information about a curvy clothing swap happening in Brooklyn on this upcoming Tuesday.  Hosted by Sweet Roll Entertainment!  So after the pics please read the information and attend!  I will be there!

I think this such a cool fun idea!  I may hold something like this one day for The Thick Spot!  I will be there with some really nice pieces that I would love to trade for some other really nice pieces, so I really do encourage you guys to come out and show me what your working with!  The dress below is a tease!  For I have some lovely cocktail wear I will be bringing, but if your about to have a late vacation in August than it might be for u!

Please follow their blog and support other business that try to cater to your demographic!  This is going to be a treat and a real good time!  I will be coming from another scheduled event before I get to Brooklyn, but this is what I like my summer to be about!  Busy, busy, busy, no lame moments!  I hope I see u there!  And I cannot wait to meet the ladies behind Sweet Roll Ent!

XOXO : D!!!  Thanks for looking ladies!

Top-Old Navy
shorts-Lane Bryant

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Birthday JULY 8th!

July 8th will for ever go down in history as a glorious day!  I started the day beautifying myself by getting my mani/pedi!  Then I went home and napped for the nights festivites!  Woke up!  Danced around my house in my birthday suit, (i.e. Butt Naked) took a shower and got ready!  I did my hair and put on the most amazing summer friendly birthday leopard dress from Torrid!  I love it!  The dress has boning up top to really help shape your mid-section.  It's not one of those cheap summer dresses that have the look you want but not the structure or quality!  I put on my wedges I got from Torrid a couple summers before and BAM!  Ready to step out on the town!  My friend Jessica called me to tell me she was outside with the G-Ride to pick me up, I walked out the door and to my surprise it was RAINING!!!!!   UGH!  Not on my birthday!  I immediately called my strength...LIAM!  My good, good friend.  He told me that its good luck if it rains on your birthday!  It means its good luck for the whole year!

The Party started in Downtown Jersey City and ended at the Jersey Shore around 3am!  We waited until dawn to tackle the bitch head first, so most of these pics are taken at Dawn!  Such a beautiful way to celebrate!  People u love, and liqour!  Please enjoy!  And thanks for reading!!!!


Still Dark out!  But the sun was about to make its way to the world!  So I started posing!

The blue background looks so pretty!

The Morning Crew!

Booked it to the Beach!

Wrote my name is the sand!  Probably washed away by now!  But I left my mark on that beach, hopefully the world!

Earrings-Forever 21

Monday, July 11, 2011


YES, Yes, yes!!!  Really I'm a humble person!  This just makes me extremely happy!  It means you've reached someone, or hopefully many and you get recognition for it!   Its so nice!  Let me explain how this works!  I was awarded this blogger award from Voluptous Vixen...her blog is, please check her out!  Now I must :

1.  Link back the person who gave you the award!
2.  Tell 15 random things about yourself
3.  Pass the award on to 7 more bloggers


1)  I love dogs!  NOT cats!

2)  I don't like my hair completely neat!  I like it to have a carefree kept, yet unkept feel to it.

3)  I wish I was more earthy and hippie than I am!  I like to think of myself as a Tree-hugger in Name Brand clothes!

4)  For the past month I have went to sleep when the sun comes up!  Hence I'm more creative at night!

5)  I love to watch CNN and MSNBC!  Rachel Maddow is the shit!

6)  My favorite go to meal is a sandwich, with mayo and lots of veggies!

7)  I really want to live in LONDON!  Its a dream and goal!

8)  I can burp on cue!

9)  I think Bravo is the only network that does reality tv right!

10)  The only 2 straight size lines that i would love to infiltrate are L.A.M.B. and Rachel Roy!  Obsessed!

11)  Fashion is my second Love, MUSIC will always be my undying first love!

12)  I really love children, the Elderly and the Homeless!

13)  I like going to concerts more than clubs!  That or the theatre!

14)  If I was evicted I could live in Star bucks, Forever21, and in some sweet artistic guys arms!

15)  Favorite quote, "Its Not the light that shines on you, but the Light that Shines in you!"

Bloggers I want to give the award to


THANKU, THANKU, THANKU!  For reading, for following and to Voluptuous Vixen for the award!

Top-H&M...Last summer
Bag-street Vendor!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Last Week me and my homegirl Amanda were rather bored and decided to get on our Sex and The City shit, and put our heels on, go and get some drinks and chill downtown Jersey City!  It was a great girls night out!  She snapped some really cute pics of me while we were on our mission for that night!  I really thought they turned out well,  the tribal print shirt against that background at the park we stumbled upon!  Turned out real interesting!

I really think this is such a beautiful shirt and I love the cut and the style!  On forever21 they always tie it  into a knot on the bottom, (I guess thats what your suppose to do)  But I always thought it looked nice just hanging open!  I got so may compliments in it, and some of my stomach was showing, But hey be fearless!

Thanks again for reading!  Shot out to all my New followers!!!!  Don't forget please follow me on Twitter @thickspot!


Top-Forever21 plus
shoes- Aerosoles (so comfy)
Purse-Street Venter
Necklace-Forever 21
Rings-a variety!