Monday, September 20, 2010

Dolce Vita...and More~!

Hey guys, this is going to be a real quick post.  I been super busy lately, with school and all.  I still wanted to show u how I rocked the Dolce Vita Boots I got from Target.  When I saw them I was in-love, the gold buckles really sold me!  You will probably see me wearing these a lot this fall.  They are versatile and can certainly make any outfit more exciting!  Here I paired them with my OLD NAVY cowl neck dress,  (I love anything grey) and my tights from EVANS. 

Speaking of Evans the new Beth Ditto Collection has arrived!!!!  Its gorgeous to say the least.  Feminine,funky, flirty...the three F's!  Three great words that a women can build an outfit around and the Beth Ditto Collection has all of that!
I love this piece!  Casual but funky!  U can Dress it up or down!

Third on Labor Day I went to the Caribbean Day Parade in Brooklyn.  From the moment I got off the subway I could smell the West Indian Food cooking!  It was tons of walking, my feet really did hurt but it was beautiful!  A beautiful experience, even more beautiful people, and music, music, music!!!!  A lot of Dancing and laughter!  We got there early in the A.M when it was more family orientated and by the end it was sooo crowded!!!  So we had to get out, but I had a ball!!!!

I hope you guys enjoy the pics and are enjoying your week!!!  I do have some really cute outfits planned, so please stay logged on here! 


Saturday, September 11, 2010

OOTD!!! And a little bit of Stress

This week I needed to Embrace my inner curvy diva!  Yeah, I said I needed to!  Even the most confident FaTshionistas have an off days.  I say that, because I like to consider myself confident, but a lot has happened in my life in the past month or so.  Moving and not fully being settled in, money not flowing like u Not only want it to, but need it to right now, and the pressures of needing to perform because school is back in session.  (((AAAHHH)))  I scream to get out fustration whenever I can. 

Even with all that I'm learning to be greatful for all the little things.  Still striving and trying and putting on my happy face and moving forward.  Sometimes to do that, u need a great outfit, or at least a reinvention of an old one.  So I did that today.  I've worn this jacket and dress in previous post, and had a audition before class and wanted something cute and that would translate to school after I got off the train.  I really think this dress is going to be my permanant audition dress!  Super comfy, sooo easy, you can dress it up or down, OMG I love DOTS!!!  Dots has really great clothes ladies, please go and check out their plus size section if there's one near you.  You won't be disappointed, totally worth it!  So yeah, I paired my Macy's Military inspired Jacket with my $15.00 or so dress from Dots!  That fits me just as good as a dress from Torrid and better than any dress from Target.  The shoes are from Torrid, I had them for like 3 years or so now and found them that morning and was like..."OK, Im going with this look"!  The spur of the moment outfits are usually the best!

I also got the most amazing buy today!  From Target!!!  LOL I know it seems like I just talked shit about them, but thats not so.  You really can find amazing stuff at Target they are totally on trend, affordable and size friendly.  But it wasn't clothes that I bought!  No I bought BOOTS!  By Dolce Vita for Target.  They are soooo cute, comfy, affordable and size friendly!!!  Yup I say size friendly because I got them in a 11 and they go up to a 12! (Mental Note:  Please remind your sister)  Check these babies out, I can't wait to style them...

Thats not all! There are more cute shoes by Dolce Vita, just go to Target and type it in and remember they go up to a 12!!! Whatever you do please just leave me the Jeffrey Campbell inspired knock offs. You'll know exactly which ones after your log on! Thanks girls and keep Smiling!!!! :)

Bag-street Vendor
Tights-Convertable tights by spanx

Saturday, September 4, 2010


This summer has been a special one.  One I will for sure remember because it has marked a defining moment in my life.  I experienced a lot, explored a lot and expressed a lot.  Not everything made it hear on my blog so I figured I give it a end of the summer wrap up!  Not everything was particularly fashionable, but I had fun in these pics.  They consist of my family and close friends and our adventures.  Many things have changed for me and the fall is a season of symbolic change.  Things change, die or go away...and my life has certainly experienced that as we come in 2 these new months.

I would like 2 say R.I.P.
1st 2 my dog ISKABIBLE who passed away this summer!
2nd My great AUNT JOAN.
3rd 2 my friends brother SCOTT.

U will be missed.

I will also like to say there were some great fashions this summer for us Curvy/Fat girls, like...we are definitely on the map! :)  10 years ago these fashions and styles wouldn't be available in our size and it be up to us to come up with creative alternatives.   It really says a lot for how the world is changing, how women are changing, and how fashion is growing to a larger audience.  An audience of women with flawed figures but impeccable taste that still want to experience high fashion and diverse looks.  These women, are hard working and proving the world wrong that fat doesn't mean lazy or unattractive.  That we are just as beautiful of a force to be reckoned with!  I would like to believe thats what this blog is about.

U know when I was younger I use to dread summer, fearing I wasn't going to have anthing cute to wear or that I didn't want to wear shorts or dresses because my arms and legs would be out.  But as I got older I embraced my women hood and every curve.  I mean if I wasn't going to love me then who would.  If I didn't show me in my best light...then how would people know my authenticity???  It was a gradual change, maybe I was a late bloomer...but I bloomed and so did the rest of fat society.  We are lead actresses in TV SHOWS and MOVIES NOW!!!  We are on covers of MAGAZINES and plus size fashion lines are popping up everywhere!  Look at us doing the damn thang!!!  SHEESH!  I thought this day would never come!

I can't wait to see what fall will bring but summer was a much needed distraction and sometimes it was a fantasy!  Summer 2010 you will also be missed!  With your crazy ups and downs.  Thanks 4 the growth and the memories!!!  I hope you all had a good summer...tell me about it or send me a pic to my email .  Peace & Be Wild!  XOXO~SAMILLE


                                                                    The Jersey Shore!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back 2 School!!!

Hey guys!!!  I hope you are all doing well.  I started school back up this week and I have 2 admit, I am super excited about it.  I'm a musical theatre major, which can be very demanding and intense.  You have your classes, your rehearsals and your performing constantly every week.  With a degree like that you have to put your all into it.  Your mental, your emotional, your physical and your spirit.  My spirit was broken and beaten down as of late.  The side effect being the rest of me suffered.  So coming back into a nurturing environment really brought out the best in me.  PLUS I got to see all of my friends!  At one point I thought of giving it up, and now I'm quite sure I'm in the right place.  I'm really looking forward into getting lost in my music and in my art, It is truly my first love!

On Sept. 10th Re/Dress Nyc is taking part in Fashion Night Out by having a presentation of LOTIS CLOTHING'S latest collection.  I am going to try to be at this event.  You have to RSVP with Re/Dress NYC if your going to attend.  Here's the link I'm going to RSVP!  You can also check out Lotis Clothing here>>>

I also want to thank you all for still following my blog! It means a lot and I am trying to put as much into it as possible.  Thank You SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!    XOXO~SAMILLE

                                                                      Leggings-Old Navy
                                                                      Bag-Street Vender