Friday, August 27, 2010

Ok Guys! Amanda never gave me the pics of her from her birthday so I figure I show you what Monique wore that night! This is the girl behind the camera of my last few outfit posts. My friend Monique and fellow curvacious sister. Monique has a super creative eye for angles and has listened to everything "Tyra" has said so closely, lol! But she looks amazing! Always working it and beautiful. I would describe her style and earthy and tribal maybe, but her thoughts are a little different.

EFFTC-Can you describe your personnal style ???

Monique- I take simple things and put them together like a puzzle!

EFFTC- What is the one item you can't live without???

Monique- A scrunchy!  Because I like 2 put my hair up!


Outfit-top,vest, jeans, ALL FROM DOTS!!!

And a big goodbye to that apartment!  It will be missed.  On to the Next One!

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