Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday Dinner!!! In Red...

Hey guys!  Me and my gang at school got together and had a multi-cultural Thanksgiving!!!  I know the pictures are a little late, but I rounded up all that I can.  We had a festive nite with all types of food!  Of course the usuals, like Turkey, Stuffing (it was amazing), Mac & Cheese, Candied Yams (DELICIOUS), Ham, and Green Bean Casarole.  But there was some other amazing food there too!  Empanadas, Fried Chicken, Arroz y pollo, Tamales, Seafood salad Jamacian style and tons and tons of sweets!!!  (SO YUM)  Not too mention the everlasting supply of alcohol!!!

Yea it was a crazy nite to say the least.  To say the most would take 4ever!  So lets talk about what I wore...

I found this red blazer a little while ago at the same time I scored that bright green blazer from the post here  It was only $2.99 from The Red,White and Blue and I styled it in all black!  A black halter dress that I've had from Old Navy a few years ago, leggings from Forever 21 plus, Dolce Vita boots from Target, skinny black and gold belt from Torrid, I used my Old Navy clutch that I used here  That I thought was such a nice contrast becasuse it was still shiney but not accented with all the other gold!!!  I love this outfit, Im definitely going to wear it again before the new year and I got a lot of compliments.  It just came 2gether, like most of my succesful outfits.  I get out the shower, beautify myself and go with how I feel that day.  Thats why packing for a trip or vacation is sooo hard and I usually take too many things!  I hope U guys like this pic and don't forget to enter the contest to win the ASOS dress!!!



Dress-Old Navy
Boots-Dolce Vita (Target)
Clutch-Old Navy
Chain-Old Navy
Heart Ring-Forever21

Believe in yourself Ladies!!!!  Your the most important thing in your life :)!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Current Favorite Things!!!

Not exactly christmas but the 2 bags and boots I would love to see under my tree!!!  The pale pink/nude Asos oversized jersey dress is what I would like to be wearing while I am opening up the other gifts under my tree!  The Marc Jacobs bag would soooo be the one thing I would love, love, love to have, but probably not!!!!  A little too exspensive for me at this time, but a girl can dream and drool.  :)  The Asos Dress will probably definitely go down.  Oh Yeah, I got a Purple Tree!!!  I JUST DIED!  (((ZOEISM)))  This is the begining of my favorite things list and the rest of this post are the things I am obsessing about right now, want, and or can't get enough of!!!  ENJOY!!!  ENTER THE CONTEST...(Check previous Post 4 Details)


Really need the tickets to this tour!  This is my all time favorite everything!  NYC DEC 29th!  Tryin 2 be there!!!  The Original Purple one!

Love this song, this video!  I sooo want this album!  And I love her style!!!  I may dye my hair red again!

Then theres this...

First off!!!  I love ISSAC MIZRAHI!  I use to love his show on the style network but he was probably one of my earliest fashion influence because many moons ago he made an exclusive line sold on NICK AT NITE.  It was a line of clothing inspired by the 50's and Mary Tyler Moore, and I was in aww of him at whatever age that was, probably 9!!!  Even better this show has everything, Bravo has really out done theirselves this time.  Its as good as Project Runway when they still owned it, and Iman is the perfect co-host.  She's intimidating, edgey, outspoken, perhaps a bitch, but oozes fashion and elegance.  She's what I like to call...A BAD BITCH!!!  Yes please work..."Why are u crying?"  YES!  And that accent, it works!
Great TV!

WOW FELLOW BLOGGER!!!  AND PROBABLY THE MOST FAMOUS PLUS SIZE BLOGGER IN THE WORLD IS GABI!  She is such an inspiration for me, making something out of nothing and has landed on the cover of Black Enterprise Magazine!!!  So happy!  So amazed by her story and 4 landing the cover!
Do you have your copy?  Please go get this and support our own Fatshionista and Queen B, Gabi!!!  @

Hope U likey!!!!  :)  Enter the Contest!!!


favorite things

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A lot 2 be thankful 4!

I am sooo happy that Thanksgiving is here!!!  I finally get to go home which is the first time in a long time.  Before I left campus for 4 days, I had a major performance I had to get through.  SEMINAR!!!  Where you perform in front of the whole music department.  It went well, and afterwards me and my girls celebrated with a photo shoot!!!!  YEAH! 

I am soo greatful and thankful to have a great group of friends, some that you see here and thankful that everyone in my major is very supportive of each other and that we are like a big family. 

All different types of beautiful girls, ages and sizes.  All of us dolled up and together in the same place.  I got a certain cute guy to take the pictures!  :)  (I'm NOT blushing)  I think they came out super cute and have been different from the pics as of late!

I'm also very thankful for all of you, just thank u as always for taking even the slightest bit of interest in me!  So to repay you and to show you my gratitude and to celebrate my blogs one year anniversary, we have this.......!

ALSO I WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW ABOUT MY FIRST EVER GIVE AWAY!!!  I'VE BEEN TALKING ABOUT IT IN MY LAST 2 POST BUT NOW ITS OFFICIAL, ITS GOING TO BE ASOS CURVE SHOULDER PAD SHIFT DRESS!!!!  UK SZ 26, US SIZE 22!!!  TO ENTER YOU MUST FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER AND COMMENT BELOW WITH YOUR NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS!!!  MY TWITTER NAME IS...@Thickspot!  You have to be a follower on twitter and have left a comment on this post!!!!!  I may mention it again in another post in the near future.  The winner will be announced DEC. 12th and I will ship the dress to the U.S, UK,CANADA!!!!  GOOD LUCK!!!!

tights-the avenue
shoes-franco sarta

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Starts at the Heart!

Beautiful People!!!  How the hell are yah?  I've been real busy since the last post and I still haven't gotten a chance to put the halloween pics up, but soon, I swear.  I'm still desperately awaiting one of my friends to send me the ones she took which I think are the better ones, so they are coming!  They will be an after thought because Halloween is sooo over!

Any who, I had to snap some pics in my Asos heart print, leopard inspired, over-sized top!  They were girl HOPE came to the rescue and we snapped a few.  I cannot even begin to explain how beautiful this top is.  Like seriously!  Its lovely!  I got so many compliments and second looks with this top.  The looks that are kinda like, "Wow!  That big girl is doing her thing!"  The fabric is... flawless!  I maybe should have ordered it a size down, but I never know when shopping overseas.  But all in all I am really feeling this look!  The flats which didn't come out so well are from torrid, they are super cute, but very flat!  But on trend, stylish and also got a lot of compliments.  I'm still trying to think what's the best give away for my blogs first ever anniversary!  But I am trying to do something special. 

Also wanted to know if you all would be interested if I auctioned off some of my clothes through Ebay?

I hope you all enjoyed the post!  Hope your having a good week.  Enjoy Harry Potter!  Im trying to get there tomorrow if it all goes well!  One more thing...I love the new fashion show on Bravo with Iman!  She should have been hosting a fashion show.  She's entertaining, and insulting at the same time and makes for perfect tv.


Jacket-INC Concepts via MACYS
Top-Asos Curve

Sunday, November 7, 2010

How I wore it, 2 different ways!

Hey guys, I'll have the pics coming from how I spent my Halloween hopefully by the end of the week, I think you'll really enjoy that post.  But I also wanted to show you how I wore this Shaw cardigan two different ways that I picked up from the Forever 21 store in Time Square!  (Did u know its open until 4:00 am?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!?, OMG I JUST DIED)  These pics were totally taken on two different days spontaneously, but I was like, "Okay I can get a blog post out of this"! 

Its also my blog's one year anniversary!!!  Yeah I stuck it out, its hard for me to commit and follow through with something but I really enjoy this, and it doesn't matter how many followers I have, I am just happy I have some, so this isn't done in vain.  So a big thank you to all my followers and please stay tuned and look forward to my first ever give away that will be happening soon!  YEAH!!!

I hope you enjoyed the post and are having a good week.  My musical opened this week that I have been talking about for months and of course I have gotten like my first cold of 2010, so I have been a little under the weather with the rehearsing, ripping, running, not sleeping, and generally exhausted.  Really thanks for sticking with me for this long and finding me somewhat interesting, I hope I bring you more interesting, fulfilling , blog worthy material in my 2nd year.  A rocky start but I'm digging it!


If you haven't noticed I have been in love with black and white lately! 

1st look

Dress-Forever21 plus
Tights- The Avenue
Shoes-Dolce Vita Target
Shaw-Forever21 plus

2nd look

Shaw-Forever21 plus
Shirt-Lane Bryant
Jeggings-Lane Bryant (super comfy, I get lots of compliments on them)
Sneakers-Nike air Scandals


Friday, October 29, 2010

Playing in Shadows & What 2 know about me!

The other night I was hanging with my girls after school and randomly decideed to do a quick impromptu photo shoot in the parking lot!  Actually got some good night light with the lights in the garage and how they played against the shadows and all.  We had music playing and were really feeling it.  These pics still could have totally went better if this were planned.  I would have prepared and probably would have showed you some real cool pieces I have that I haven't had the time to share.  But you got me raw and in my everyday fly element.  You also got me after rehearsal, after I've been dancing and sweating.  It was also humid as alls HELL in the Tri-State area this week, so my hair couldn't even survive the fierciest of blowouts!!!  So I think I look like a hot mess, but I am going to share anyway because I think the pictures looks somewhat cool!  Tell me what you think!!!  Hope u like it!!!!

Didn't want this post to be completely boring so here's 10 things to know about me.

1) Favorite Color
2) Fathers name?
3) Favorite drink?
Ice tea, gingerale
4) Favorite Artist?
5) Are you a coffee drinker?
Yes (not good if your a singer)
6) Favorite TV Show?
Anything on Bravo, but especially "The Real Housewives" of....WHATEVER, love it!  :P
7) Ever been out of the country?
8) Ever been in love?
9) Favorite room in your house?
10) Number one thing to do before I die?
To be on Broadway!

Jacket-Re/dress Nyc
Top-Torrid, clearance
Sneakers-Nike Air Scandals