Sunday, November 7, 2010

How I wore it, 2 different ways!

Hey guys, I'll have the pics coming from how I spent my Halloween hopefully by the end of the week, I think you'll really enjoy that post.  But I also wanted to show you how I wore this Shaw cardigan two different ways that I picked up from the Forever 21 store in Time Square!  (Did u know its open until 4:00 am?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!?, OMG I JUST DIED)  These pics were totally taken on two different days spontaneously, but I was like, "Okay I can get a blog post out of this"! 

Its also my blog's one year anniversary!!!  Yeah I stuck it out, its hard for me to commit and follow through with something but I really enjoy this, and it doesn't matter how many followers I have, I am just happy I have some, so this isn't done in vain.  So a big thank you to all my followers and please stay tuned and look forward to my first ever give away that will be happening soon!  YEAH!!!

I hope you enjoyed the post and are having a good week.  My musical opened this week that I have been talking about for months and of course I have gotten like my first cold of 2010, so I have been a little under the weather with the rehearsing, ripping, running, not sleeping, and generally exhausted.  Really thanks for sticking with me for this long and finding me somewhat interesting, I hope I bring you more interesting, fulfilling , blog worthy material in my 2nd year.  A rocky start but I'm digging it!


If you haven't noticed I have been in love with black and white lately! 

1st look

Dress-Forever21 plus
Tights- The Avenue
Shoes-Dolce Vita Target
Shaw-Forever21 plus

2nd look

Shaw-Forever21 plus
Shirt-Lane Bryant
Jeggings-Lane Bryant (super comfy, I get lots of compliments on them)
Sneakers-Nike air Scandals



Anonymous said...

that's a fantastic shaw. p.s. you look wonderful in that last picture all smiling!

thomessa said...

I love those boots in the first outfit!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I came by your blog and I like it. Once again I said "can't understand why people are so eager to see any extra pounds as a defect". I like you and your blog cuz you have a big heart, a very pretty smile. You have that self-confidence.. It's amazing. Standing out in the crowd isn't easy, I know. I'm a 23 years old Turkish woman living in Turkey and Im a size of 10-12... But still Im considered fat (what an annoying word).. Though love myself. Every woman is beautiful if she knows how to emphasize her beauty. I see you are really good at doing it. Truly, I can say you are way too beautiful than any other woman who is skinny or average. Brave girl, hope life always goes well for you.

xclusiveplay said...

thanku!!! so much for the nice compliments...all the way from Turkey!!! I'm glad you saw the positivity in this blog! This blog was made for women like me and u! Standing out for the right reasons and showing the world that we are just as beautiful as any of our thinner counterparts! Thanks 4 being apart of my blog!!!