Sunday, November 28, 2010

Current Favorite Things!!!

Not exactly christmas but the 2 bags and boots I would love to see under my tree!!!  The pale pink/nude Asos oversized jersey dress is what I would like to be wearing while I am opening up the other gifts under my tree!  The Marc Jacobs bag would soooo be the one thing I would love, love, love to have, but probably not!!!!  A little too exspensive for me at this time, but a girl can dream and drool.  :)  The Asos Dress will probably definitely go down.  Oh Yeah, I got a Purple Tree!!!  I JUST DIED!  (((ZOEISM)))  This is the begining of my favorite things list and the rest of this post are the things I am obsessing about right now, want, and or can't get enough of!!!  ENJOY!!!  ENTER THE CONTEST...(Check previous Post 4 Details)


Really need the tickets to this tour!  This is my all time favorite everything!  NYC DEC 29th!  Tryin 2 be there!!!  The Original Purple one!

Love this song, this video!  I sooo want this album!  And I love her style!!!  I may dye my hair red again!

Then theres this...

First off!!!  I love ISSAC MIZRAHI!  I use to love his show on the style network but he was probably one of my earliest fashion influence because many moons ago he made an exclusive line sold on NICK AT NITE.  It was a line of clothing inspired by the 50's and Mary Tyler Moore, and I was in aww of him at whatever age that was, probably 9!!!  Even better this show has everything, Bravo has really out done theirselves this time.  Its as good as Project Runway when they still owned it, and Iman is the perfect co-host.  She's intimidating, edgey, outspoken, perhaps a bitch, but oozes fashion and elegance.  She's what I like to call...A BAD BITCH!!!  Yes please work..."Why are u crying?"  YES!  And that accent, it works!
Great TV!

WOW FELLOW BLOGGER!!!  AND PROBABLY THE MOST FAMOUS PLUS SIZE BLOGGER IN THE WORLD IS GABI!  She is such an inspiration for me, making something out of nothing and has landed on the cover of Black Enterprise Magazine!!!  So happy!  So amazed by her story and 4 landing the cover!
Do you have your copy?  Please go get this and support our own Fatshionista and Queen B, Gabi!!!  @

Hope U likey!!!!  :)  Enter the Contest!!!


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Anika Sweetfaced Style - Self Worth Activist said...

another great post from you! I love your blog, and your strong positive message :)

welcome chez moi :)

<3 Anika
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