Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Green with Envy!

Look at this cute, easy to do, easy to add to your wardrobe blazer.  I love a good Blazer and one that isn't black is even more than a plus.  Not only that, but when you can get it for $1.99 at my local Red, White and Blue!!!  Its even better!  Thats exactly what happened in this situation.  I went into my Red, White and Blue early in the a.m to get first dibs on todays easy pickings.  I came across 3 Blazers in different colors all for a $1.99!!!  Easy right?  Yes!  If you enjoy going through racks and racks of jackets.  Searching for those bigger sizes that look somewhat special.  I happen to enjoy it and I LOOOVEEEE when I can find a good buy, or one of a kind item.  I urge you all to go into your local Goodwill's or Salvation Army and go on a hunt!  U will never know what you might find and you'll enjoy it!  Even better a cool ass jacket or bomb-ass dress that has a story of its own and probably still has some life left in it!  So give it a whirl, you never know what you might find. 


P.S.  If you get something really cool, then please tell me about it!

Thanks 4 reading!

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Blazer- Thrifted
Top- Old Navy
Sneakers- (My favorite, style and everything) Nike Air Scandal
Earings- Forever21
Ring- Torrid
Necklace- Old Navy


Moya2bean said...

love the blazer girl~

xclusiveplay said...

thx so much!!!

Anonymous said...

i definitely need to thrift more, but sometimes i just don't have the patience for all those racks! great score though :)

The Natural Fashionista said...

I love the look girl. I recently started going to thrift stores more and have found some cute things:-)

IcedGem said...

great thrifted find!! love the stripes too hun xx