Thursday, November 18, 2010

Starts at the Heart!

Beautiful People!!!  How the hell are yah?  I've been real busy since the last post and I still haven't gotten a chance to put the halloween pics up, but soon, I swear.  I'm still desperately awaiting one of my friends to send me the ones she took which I think are the better ones, so they are coming!  They will be an after thought because Halloween is sooo over!

Any who, I had to snap some pics in my Asos heart print, leopard inspired, over-sized top!  They were girl HOPE came to the rescue and we snapped a few.  I cannot even begin to explain how beautiful this top is.  Like seriously!  Its lovely!  I got so many compliments and second looks with this top.  The looks that are kinda like, "Wow!  That big girl is doing her thing!"  The fabric is... flawless!  I maybe should have ordered it a size down, but I never know when shopping overseas.  But all in all I am really feeling this look!  The flats which didn't come out so well are from torrid, they are super cute, but very flat!  But on trend, stylish and also got a lot of compliments.  I'm still trying to think what's the best give away for my blogs first ever anniversary!  But I am trying to do something special. 

Also wanted to know if you all would be interested if I auctioned off some of my clothes through Ebay?

I hope you all enjoyed the post!  Hope your having a good week.  Enjoy Harry Potter!  Im trying to get there tomorrow if it all goes well!  One more thing...I love the new fashion show on Bravo with Iman!  She should have been hosting a fashion show.  She's entertaining, and insulting at the same time and makes for perfect tv.


Jacket-INC Concepts via MACYS
Top-Asos Curve


Jennifer aka. Jasifer said...

Oh work it girl! :) where in jersey are you from? :)

xclusiveplay said...

O thanks Jasifer!!! Im from Bordentown thats outside of Trenton in south jersey but now i live in Jersey City outside of NYC!