Friday, October 29, 2010

Playing in Shadows & What 2 know about me!

The other night I was hanging with my girls after school and randomly decideed to do a quick impromptu photo shoot in the parking lot!  Actually got some good night light with the lights in the garage and how they played against the shadows and all.  We had music playing and were really feeling it.  These pics still could have totally went better if this were planned.  I would have prepared and probably would have showed you some real cool pieces I have that I haven't had the time to share.  But you got me raw and in my everyday fly element.  You also got me after rehearsal, after I've been dancing and sweating.  It was also humid as alls HELL in the Tri-State area this week, so my hair couldn't even survive the fierciest of blowouts!!!  So I think I look like a hot mess, but I am going to share anyway because I think the pictures looks somewhat cool!  Tell me what you think!!!  Hope u like it!!!!

Didn't want this post to be completely boring so here's 10 things to know about me.

1) Favorite Color
2) Fathers name?
3) Favorite drink?
Ice tea, gingerale
4) Favorite Artist?
5) Are you a coffee drinker?
Yes (not good if your a singer)
6) Favorite TV Show?
Anything on Bravo, but especially "The Real Housewives" of....WHATEVER, love it!  :P
7) Ever been out of the country?
8) Ever been in love?
9) Favorite room in your house?
10) Number one thing to do before I die?
To be on Broadway!

Jacket-Re/dress Nyc
Top-Torrid, clearance
Sneakers-Nike Air Scandals

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Anonymous said...

random photo shoots are always fun. love the jacket!