Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Lately I've been really into trying 2 find myself all over again. Taking deep breaths instead of getting angry and being thankful 4 the little things! These brand new actions came about because I was deep with stress. So lately I've been taking walks by myself in different borough's of NYC exploring all I can on foot and as far as the little Metro Pass would take me. Just taking the sights and sounds in and getting lost in it all. Allowing myself not 2 think 2 much and allowing myself 2 exist in the moment. Why I am saying all this is unknown 2 me! Just something I had 2 release!

Through my travels in Brooklyn I went to Re/dress NYC!!! I got some AMAZING pieces there. (Nothing like shopping to cheer you up) As soon as I style them I will show you ,promise!!! The dress I bought tho' might have to wait a while... For the right occasion! This is what I wore that day. Some self pics until later that night but you get to see how I turn an outfit from day to night!!! At the time I thought it was clever!

Here in my self portraits I am just wearing leggings as I am laying round the house!  Later on I had a date!

The pics are a little blurry sorry and my new apt still isn't finish please excuse the bucket.  I am definitely going to try and get some nice pics done soon.  I have many cute new things and I am awaiting another Asos order which is always fun!!!  I hope you enjoyed these pics and the rest of this blog post!  Thx 4 following me! xoxo

Cami(underneath)-Old Navy
Earrings-Forever 21

Wanna see what else I been up to lately?!?!  What I'm into, current obsessions and all!  U know you wanna!


Jwow!!!  Def has the best body, Sammi the prettiest face, and Snooki the best personaility!!!  Ronnie and Pauly are the cutest for the guys!  Oh yea!  The Situation on DANCING WITH THE STARS!!!  LOL!

Need I say More?  Good TV!  He's a Cancer like me!  So more power to the water signs!

Snooki's little ass getting arrested at the Beach!!!  Still Love her!!!

This Dress from Faith21, that I went and tried and on and I got in it, but it just wasn't right. :( 
And I wanted it sooo bad from the moment I saw it online :( It saddens me :(!

The Never Ending Pasta Bowl from THE OLIVE GARDEN!!!  So yum!  I just loveeeee it !

Luv u guys!  Have a good weekend!


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deborah said...

i am TOTALLY buying those target boots!! they look so cute on!! i only hope they zip up! thanks for your pics!
xx deb