Saturday, October 16, 2010

Black & White and Comfortable!!!

I went into Manhattan yesterday to support my friend Darius dance in a Alvin Alley Show!!!  I wanted to find something (A) Warm (B) comfortable (C) Dressy!!!  I had this black knit dress with a hint of a checkered black and white pattern since last winter.  I wore it a couple times but when I stumbled across it in my closet yesterday, I told myself that it would sooooooo work with with some tights and those easy 2 go 2 Dolce VIta, for Target boots.  It was getting cold here in the North East, in fact lately its been very rainy and cold, so I set out on my adventure wearing my Lane Bryant Queen Collection coat and a umbrella.  However of course I left the Umbrella on the Train.  In fact its the second time this week I did that!  UGH!!!
Now I'm umbrella less!!!!  I hope you like it!  Black and White is like my thing right now. 


   Boots-Dolce Vita 4 Target
     Coat-Lane Bryant


Anonymous said...

black and white is such a great, classic combination. i've been obsessed with it recently too. looking good, samille! :)

She wants Faith said...

I love your checkered coat and those boots are fierce!