Friday, October 8, 2010

M.I.A. and What I Wore!!!!

Hey beautiful people!!!  I hope your enjoying the crazy weather.  Recently I went to a M.I.A. concert at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia.  It was my second time seeing the colorful and political underground Pop Starr!  Yeah, she's all that.  Me and my childhood friend Crystal went to the show and had a blast!!!  You really dance your ass off when you go and see M.I.A.!!!

From the moment M.I.A. and her dancers hit the stage the whole entire venue started jumpin!  Including us! She had this sick white and black gentlemen's suit on!  With poka dots at the crotch.  But she was covered up, didn't show any skin (like she did when I previously saw her in Baltimore) but she still popped her botty and got down with her bad self.  M.I.A. really knows how to command a stage.  We were all in awww!

I think this before she staged dived and after that a stage hand came out and gave her a whole bottle of Patron!!!  She took a swig and handed to someone in the audience!  The crown needlesstosay went nuts!

Crystal!!!  My Homegirl!!!

Um...Are we fucked up?!?!?!!??!!

Here I am stalking M.I.A.'s tour bus!!!

Meanwhile back at school!  I am busy rehearsing for our musical, "Into The Woods"!!!  Its gonna be great but my hours are seriously long!  Going to see M.I.A. was a stress reliever and such a treat!  It was needed!

Coat-Last year Lane Bryant's Icon Collection
Boots-Dolce Vita for Target
Chain-Old Navy


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Anonymous said...

love the plaid! i recently bought a plaid shirt, and i can't stop wearing it!! glad you had fun :)