Monday, December 10, 2012

purple sweater/red nails!

Last week I finally whipped out an old Purple Sweater that I hijacked from my Mother's closet.  I like to think the sweater is from a previous life since she doesn't wear it anymore.  When I first took it, it was too small.  Finally it fits wonderfully.  I've had a few shockers like that in the past couple of weeks.  Close that use to NOT fit.  Or was a little tight, fit like a glove.  Yeah to me!!!!

Honestly I wore a really beautiful ASOS dress this week.  Of course I didn't get anyone to snap any pics of me in it.  Not even instagram shots.  But I was being rather fashionable. 

Red Nails is new thing.  Which may sound completely ridiculous.  But I've always shyed away from it, mainly because everyone else was doing it.  It was almost like a "Expected Color" but now I'm all over it like white on rice.  I did my nails myself, but I think I will go get a Proper manicure for the new year, with red as my polish of course.

Anyways.  I got a lot of compliments on this shirt!  It made me very happy and a lot of other people too.  Who said sweaters have to be boring? 

Boots-Target (Dolce Vita)

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