Saturday, December 29, 2012

Flowers??? A lil bit!

 I never posted these pics although I did post one or two of them on my instagram when I first took them.  I thought my hair looked absolutely insane and my yellow bra I wore underneath this sheer shirt was exposed by the Camera's flash.  However looking back at them I realized WOW I look smaller here.  So now I love them.  This was at my height of doing meatless Mondays and eating better so I finally decided to share. 

Flowers?  Yeah, I'm not the type of chick that particularly loves flowers.  I mean I love getting them and smelling them and all that cute shit.  But I don't really like wearing them.  It's Not me!!!  However, every once in a while you find a floral print u fall in love with and gotta have.  I love this shirt.  The flowers, how sheer it is, and how it hangs off the body.  So comfortable and forgiving yet stylish.  I got it from K-MART.  I say often, "Don't sleep on K-MART", that LYS collection for the curvy women is so brilliant.  Offering u the styles and price every woman can adore.  As for the bra, let me tell you, I am a firm believer in wearing colorful undergarments.  Sometimes not realizing they are exposed.  But they make me feel sexy and people usually seem surprised that a big girl can find colorful bras and undies and even more shocked that she has the audacity to wear them.  Most of my under garments are extremely flamboyant.  Sorry if my bra showing looks tacky.  I really didn't know.

Blazer-Ashley Stewart

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