Thursday, November 3, 2011

What November Brings!

This past weekend the east coast was hit with its first winter storm of the season.  Before Halloween the streets in NJ and NYC were covered with snow.  Along with other eastern states like Maryland, Virginia, Deleware, Mass and Conneticut.  It made traveling quite the messy situation and of course I was out in the midst of it.  I was on my way to Virginia to try out for the SETC's (South Eastern Theatre Conference) which is a huge audition where you give it your all for a shot to perform in front of professional theatre companies from Virginia down.  And guess what???  I made it to the next round!!!  It seems I will be going to Tennessee in March!  So there was light at the end of the storm and I am thankful it shined on me!  So u never know what November will bring.  

This month also brings the 2nd anniversary of this blog on November 11th!  That's the day I will announce the winner of the blazer and make a future announcement.  There's going to be an amazing shin dig going down soon and that's going to be the time you hear it first!

Besides that November is going to be a busy month for me, planning this event, trying to make it to some events I was invited to and of course school work, school work, school work.  So here I am taking in November on NJCU's campus!

Please enjoy!

scarf-street vendor


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