Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Busy, Busy, stress as the fall semester pushes forward.  And personnel relationships become working ones.   And friends turn against friends.  Student voices get lost in the hallways of propaganda.  Thoughts of throwing in the towel become more welcome.  As you still are the most important thing in your life right now, because it's okay to be selfish.  Its okay to be sullen and remarkably observant, because if you can't than... who will?  Maybe if I put on a brave face.  Show a big ol' smile.  Perhaps a splash of lip gloss, or a bright color.  To bring me out of my funk!  Then maybe, just maybe...I'll be able to enjoy my day.  (((Fingers crossed)))

Jeans-Torrid ( Source of Wisdom)
Scarf-Street Vendor
Shades Target

XOXO~Still time to enter the giveaway!


Kelleashia said...

I love the red blazer and the over sized shades!

Weesha said...

I love your red blazer! And don't worry, this too shall pass :)

Ag said...

Loving the red blazer! I need one in my life