Thursday, January 7, 2010


One thing u may not know about me but is definitely worth knowing is my obsession with sneakers!!!  I love, love, love, sneakers, i probably buy a pair a month! (which my mother thinks is outrageous)  I usually buy Nike dunks, or jordans or adidas originals.  Soon i will do a post of what i believe are my flyest kicks!  But their are some that are a little out of my price range but i still dare to dream!!!  I also wear a size 11 which can be a little tricky shoe shopping depending on how u look at it!  But it makes the fashion find even more challenging for me and i love it!  Here are some kicks out and about and about to come out that i am dying 4!

1.  Lanvin spring 2010!  This is the Lanvin Hightop Cap toe sneaker.   Beautiful textures and colors,  they're priced at Barneys in the $700 price range.  But omg, the color is what makes me crave them.  Immediately i think of spring!

2.  The ever so sleek and beautiful "Nike Air Scandal".  I already have these in black and i plan on getting these very soon!  They are super skinny and slim to go along with any skinny jean.  Its a beautiful feminie sneaker nike came out with to be the perfect female counterpart sneaker to their ever male famous sneaker "Nike Air Vandals".  Oh my this sneaker is it!  You can find it at i believe the price is $69.00 but i saw them at a DSW store for more!

3.  This is probably my next buy right here.  They're affordable, fashionable, and functional in a everyday way.  ( which i think is real important when it comes to sneakers)  they gotta be comfotable!  "Nike Snowwaffle" womens.  You can find them in footlocker, you have to order them online if you need an 11 or up!  I love this sneaker because when you see it up person it looks a lot like a great winter boot!  The more i researched it i found out its insulated on the inside and does have traction for the winter months.  Perfect for the snow!  I really want these!  Usually  around $75.00!

Tell me what you think do you guys wanna hear more about sneakers?  Do any of you have sneaker fetishes or wanna put us D on any sneakers coming out or brands you love!  Leave a post i love to hear it!


Pippa Artus said...

See im different, I love the look of trainers! But I could never pull them off with the types of things I wear! So I always stay clear, only problem is that sometimes when its cold they would be perfect!!! Great post :) Thanks for your comment. <3

xclusiveplay said...

omg! thanku so much for leaving a comment i love your blog. I am new to blogging so as soon as i figure out how to make a blog list yours is definitely on there! But thanx for stopping by, i luv your style!