Monday, January 25, 2010

Bag it!

I wanted to a post about Bags as they are one of our most important accessories.  Sometimes a whole outfit is built around the bag.  So i figure give the Purse/bag world its just desserts.  Now when I'm shopping for a bag online my favorite spots to stop by are MODCLOTH or BEYONDTHERACK.  When its a instore purchase you can usually catch me at Ross, Marshalls, Macys, or Thrift Stores.  Whether I can afford them or not I am going to show you some of my favorite bags out from online and 1 cute recent purchases.  Hope you all like it!

ModCloth does a great job with trendy, modern bags.  They have a variety of colors and I love the color mustard right now and i am definitely looking to add the right one to my wardrobe soon, so hopefully it will make the cut.  Modcloth also ranges in price.  I was really hurt cause i discovered this bag within the last week, which means i have to visit more often, because its sold out!!!  The good thing you can sign up with modcloth so they can shoot you an email when the bag is bag in stock.  This beauty is $99.00.  Not bad!

The Burberry Beat Check Tote With Patent Leather Trim I drooled when i saw it.  I had to ask myself why, because i know you can find something like this way cheaper, but i think it looks classey and luxurious.  Theres many different fabrics going on as well, like patent leather and Nylon.  The price is so intimidating, but I'm not going to count it out, you never know what may happen!  ( fingers crossed )  I found this one on and this site is great its a discount site with new sales always starting.  Like this sale ends today but they always have more sales coming.  They have a Chinese Laundry shoe sale going on right now and Paris hilton watches and all of these luxury items are like 30 % to 70 % off!!!  You should really check this site out if you haven't already I haven't seen any plus size sales yet, but hey find something you like in a large or x-large and see how it works for you.  By the way this bag is $999.00 WOW!  Like i said fingers crossed!  Serioulsy check them out!

I found this cute cocktail bag at the local "Red, White and Blue".  I love it i will wear it soon hopefully, i got a couple partys coming up!  It can be worn over the shoulder or you can take the straps off, which what i will probably end up doing and using it as a clutch!

Leave me some comments guys or send me a pic of your latest and flyest bag purchase!

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