Monday, January 4, 2010

Discount Plus!

Good Day Dolls!  You know fashion is not just buying the biggest most exspensive bag the store has to offer, but it can be!  Or charging everything on your Macy's or Lane Bryant card....but we've all done that!  Fashion can also be about budget!  And really its about style!  Style....say it with me!  S T Y L E!  Do u have it?  Well my sister does.  Not only is she beautiful and vegetarian, but she's a mommy and a writer and she has always had a very unique style if u ask me!  My sis use to manage the Goodwill when i was younger and always put together super cute looks for her and for me!   I would describe her style as Bohemian Ease.  With a Tree-huggin flair!  Theres a comfort to the things she wears but we still swap clothes from time to time!  I am the more frivolous spender where shes the more thrifty one.  So take a look at her Target, Walmart smash up!  Every single one of us can relate to this!  F. A. B.!

The Print Summer Dress was $12 at Target
Turtle Neck was $8 at Walmart
Leggings were $8 at Walmart
Boots from the AVENUE!

I think she looks great.  This outfit is true to herself and her hair is blown straight and is flowing, if u like it please leave a comment and i will tryi to update some more looks of hers in the fututre!  Thanks girls!

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