Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back 2 school

Sorry i haven't been posting more regularly, im really going to improve that in the next couple of weeks, right now i'm in the process of moving and starting school!  So i haven't been wearing anything to fashionable lately...Well until today.  The official first day of school and i finally got to whip out my boyfriend blazer from torrid that i hunted down in my size last month.  I love black and gray, so if i can wear them together i go for it, my camera was acting funny and I'm not the best with electronics so until my cousin comes by to fix it, we gotta deal with the camera phone pics...let me know what u think!!!

Boots from TORRID, last season!  LOVE
Leggings...Walmart!  WOW!

Boyfriend Blazer Torrid!
                                Tank top Old Navy!

earrings...Forever 21~!

Hope u liked it!

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