Sunday, December 18, 2011

Underneath my tree!

Here are some things I'm longing to be underneath my tree.  And if they're Not, I'm still going to try to make them happen!  ;)

(1)  This men's sweatshirt is calling my name!  Since I am busy spending my money on my loved ones, this gem is going to have to wait until after Christmas, but consider it mine!
(2)  This purse needs to be in my closet NOW.  I'm hoping I get a forever21 gift card for Christmas and if so, you already know it's going to be one of the first things I purchase!  MINE!!!
(3)  I am sooo skeptical buying jeans online, NOT Jeggings and they only go up to a US 22 and they can be unforgiving.  But with the free s/h both ways I may take the plunge 2 see how I like.

(1)  This is see-through and sparkly!  I love see-through and the shine is something I need more of in my life right now for the winter!  I can just see it as FABULOUS!
(2)  I really want these wedges from Torrid in like every color.  Which is black, silver and like a goldish-pink!  I don't know what pair I'm going to start off with first, but again...MINE!
(3)  I still have never ordered anything from but take a look at their website a lot.  Many bloggers do and seem to be very happy with them.  I want these harem pants.  They are too fly Not want to wear everyweek.  I want to dress them up and down!

One of my fashion Icons and musical heroes.  Gwen can do No wrong.  I want to try and bring this look to life for a plus size gal.  Its going to be an ongoing goal of mine.  So stay tuned for that.  I really wish Gwen would make L.A.M.B. for plus size girls too.  Her style, swag and aesthetic totally fits my style and I am sure many more Hot, Young, plus size thangs!  Right???

Have a good time getting your last minute Christmas gifts!!!!

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