Thursday, December 8, 2011

All Black everything!!!

If you don't know by now!  Fashion is my second love in life.  Music is my first!  This past Saturday and Sunday our Musical Theatre department had our annual showcase for everyone to see what we've been working on all semester.  Our attire is usually black and I am always trying to figure our clever ways to wear black and to keep it fashionable and to keep it me! 

I found this BEAUTIFUL sheer black top from K-mart's Love your style collection that I absolutely love and adore.  I mean really, K-Mart has stepped it up.  Damn near put Target to shame if you ask me!  Mainly because their fit model is more realistic and the fabric they use doesn't feel as cheap.  In September when I went to the Just as You Are fashion show in New York I got into a conversation with another fellow fashion blogger that let me know she personally sat down with the head of K-mart's fashion department to discuss what plus size women are looking for in clothes and said that they were very interested in making us very happy.  That they actually took the time to go through a question and answer session to make sure they make Curvy women happy.  Hence, now I am in-love with them.  I assure you they have the styles, cuts and colors your are looking for, so please run over to K-mart.  And don't forget they are one of the many few stores that are still doing lay-a-way!  So go get your Christmas fix and treat yourself.

There will be a post right after this one of me SINGING at this performance.  It was a okay performance the one the night before I thought was better as I was just catching the cold that I now have in the performance!  So please check the following post as well!

But for right now here's the picture's! ENJOY!


                                                                      Boots-Dolce Vita (Target)
                                                                                Bra-Torrid (LOVE)


SheDel said...

hey boo..... i just got the blazer in the mail. I LOVE IT!! It is also a little tight in the arms but when I go home for break, I am going to get it tailored. Thanks so much!! I love the TOP!!! YES HUNNY!! K-mart is on their A-game I see you. I have those shoes too and you are ROCKING IT

Justine said...

Love the classic black!

And yeah - I got some things from Kmart's new line this fall and love them!!! It's awesome!

= Justine

thickspot said...

thanks SheDel! Yeah that's originally why I wanted to give the blazer away because it was too tight on my arms! I can't wait to see what you do with it!

And hey Justine! You really can't go wrong with all black! K-Mart is really doing their thing!

Anonymous said...

ohh love this outfit! the top and necklace are great.. and LOVE those boots! none of my kmarts have the plus size line, and i haven't really liked it on their website. i think i need to see it in person before i buy. hopefully they'll get it soon :)

xo, Jill