Monday, September 26, 2011

Summer wrap up! 2011

This year I can honestly say my summer was extremely fulfilled and worth while!  I did sooo many great things!  Had sooo many wonderful adventures!  Spent time with people I really wanted to spend time with and went to a few places!  I did NOT want it to end!  I know that I keep saying that over and over again, but I honestly didn't!

Well now we are awaiting for fall's crsip arrival!  I mean its actually here, summer's over, but we keep having strange weather that allows u to get into your shorts and sandals again and again.  Soon only boots and coats will decorate this blog and the bodies of my beautiful followers. 
Until then here's my ode to summer!  FaTshionable and not so FaTshionable!  But memorable, fun, and exciting!  Here's the pics that weren't blog worthy...Until Now!  : D

Me and my friends went to Baltimore this summer!  I use to live there and still have family and friends there, but we were on our way to a rave!  These pics are at the Harbor!

I think these pics of Jessica and Dave could tell such a story!  I love it, my creation!

The Beach with a very special friend!

Maryland!  Eastern Shore!  So beautiful and no shark sightings unlike the Jersey Shore!!!!

One thing I learned since my move to North Jersey!  That there is no place like home and people that love without any conditions!  To my family and friends!!!  CHEERS!  I LOVE U!

My Godson!  I love him SOOOOOOOO much!!!  <3!

Me and my Ace!  My cuzzin too!  And friend!  Dave!  We are Wasted~!!!!  lol

Bordentown's finest!

me and my cousin Juice!  He's single ladies!!!  LOL

Juicey is a wild boi!

Introducing JERMAJESTY in 5th position it seems like!

I love this dude tho!  He's crazy, all my friends are!  Thats how I like it!!!

Bordentown NJ~!  Exit 7 on the turnpike!  Yea we're on the map!

Took my beautiful Niece and Nephew to NYC for the first time this summer!  Good times!

A all-nighter!!!

Late night sexy!  Omg I'm terrible! lol

And whats to come!

Thank you soooo much for following I think we have 60 followers we are about to have a FOREVER21 giveaway!  EXCITED!!!!!!