Thursday, September 22, 2011


It was a rainy day when I took these pics in Jersey City!  So it meant I finally got to wear this raincoat I scored at a thrift store for like $7 or something crazy like that!  It has really cool buttons and a lot of potential.  There needs to be some sewing done on one of the pockets, but other-wise than that it was a real hit.  A lot of people liked it and my thrifting taste may actually be pretty good after all!  The next time I wear this it will be in TOP-NOTCH condition and I will zone in on this cool buttons!  SO AMAZING! 

I decided I am not going to post this give-a-way until I reach 60 followers!  We only need 3 more!  I guarantee you that the give-a-way is worth your while and on trend for fall!  So please tell your family, your friends, your co-workers, your acquaintances and your enemies to follow this blog and U, YES U, could be the proud owner of this fall's trend_______!!!!  (lol, yes I have sense of humor, more than u know actually).  I think soon I need to do a video blog, You have never heard my voice or really seen me in action, so that may be pretty cool!  I hope you guys think so!

Anyways!  I hope you all are keeping dry and keeping it real...and keeping it FaTshionable!  I know I am!!!!  : D


I got these at this store called Room Rack Shoes!  It was my first time, but NOT the last! ;)

Top-Lane Bryant
Cami-Forever21 (underneath)
Boots-Room Rack Shoes
Necklaces-Forever21, Old navy


Anonymous said...

I have similar boots that I wear ALL the time in the winter!

P.S. send me an e-mail about the interview!

xo, Jill

Pippa said...

Cute necklace, love forever21! <3

wait until the sunset said...

you look lovely! :)
rocking boots! xx

Wrinkle In Time Vintage said...

Love that trench! Looks great on you

-Laura xox

Destination Suz said...

Lovveee... Rack Room with the deal of buying one second half off.. Great place to find some good deals.. Love the Coat! Great score at a thrift store.. So im a new follower.. You have 2 more to go now to reach your goal!