Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A lil' Sequins Can Get A Lot of Compliments!!!

Hey beauties, I hope this week is going well for all of u!  It's October and fall is officially here.  The weather in the northeast is damp, cold and rainy!  I wanted to start this new week off with a recent outfit that I got a lot of attention in that I feel like represents what fall is about in many ways.  Like I said, fall is about many things!  One of those things is sequins.  Shiney, beautiful, girly sequins that can brighten up any of the fall colors we are use to.  The sequins in this outfit happen to adorn a beautiful grey-ish, blue-ish shirt that I like to call pewter!  I found this pewter shirt at my FAVORITE thrift store,...The Red White and Blue in hamilton NJ!  I got it for like $2.00!!!!!  What?  Shut the front door!!!

From the moment I stepped on campus I got a bunch of compliments.  Like, "Werk Girl!", "OMG, look at u"!  And a nice older women in the bathroom said, "O that shirt brings out your eyes!".  Well, thank you!  Im glad u all liked it!  The outfit was a hit in person, so I hope it is with you guys!  I decided to pair it with my harem pants from RE/DRESS NYC, from a while ago, and studed Torrid flats.  I think it all worked out nice along with the weather that day that was o sooo amazing.  Like I am seriously jealous of the girl in the pics because shes warm and enjoying herself!  {Sigh}

Just need one more follower for our give away to begin!  Our Forever21 giveaway that is!!!

Love you guys!

I usually wear necklaces but didn't think it was needed because of the jewels on the shirt!

I love flats in the Fall!

Thanks for looking!  XOXO~SAMILLE

Rings-Street Vendor!

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