Monday, September 12, 2011

Blogger Conference/Fashion Week!

Hey guys!  Like I previously posted I was invited to a Blogger Conference hosted by for a new line of coats debuting in a week for plus size women called Just As YOU Are!  It was during fashion week and the night before was Fashion Night Out, so the city's energy was high and they're were fabulous people around everywhere.  The blogger conference was no different.  Beautiful plus size women everywhere doing their thing and sticking out for ALL the right reasons.  I got to meet some blogger's that I've followed for a while and the whole atmosphere was amazing!  There were computers set up for us right there so we can blog or tweet immediately during it!  (I was tweeting the whole time so if you don't follow me on twitter yet then come on around @thickspot

When you go about ordering your coat when their site launches this week, I believe Wednesday you just put in your measurements and they send you a coat.  Basically, JustAsYOUAre!  They took away the standard sizing the fashion world puts us in, but they did assure it would fit up to a typical size 32!  But we are not typical!

I have never been to any type of blogger meet and greet before so this was quite a treat, and a little intimidating.  Well Not really only in my mind because I was sooo nervous.  I must have went through 12 outfit ideas.  I wanted to wear a dress I originally got from Forever21!  A polka-dot sheer dress with a black slip underneath.  The problem was the slip was too short and everyone would probably see my ass as I walk up the subway steps.  So I finally decided to go over to Kmart and get this gorgeous vest they had in the LOVE YOUR STYLE line (I previously wore a Romper from their line this summer... and pair it with the shorts I already scored from the new successful plus size line at K-mart and I took the slip from the Forever21 dress I was going to wear and wore it as a sheer shirt with my favorite bra underneath!!!  The funny thing is when I got to the conference one of the first people I saw and noticed was Jeannette Arrowood from the blog  She was one of the first people to review the LOVE YOUR STYLE line from K-mart and highly recommended these shorts.  I told her she was the reason why I bought them.  I finished the look with a pair of low heels from Lane Bryant that I got for $8.99!  I must say I thought I looked hot and got a lot of looks and a couple numbers ;)!!!!


                              Lesley Bruno from!  Follow @thelesleybshow

The Designer and Model!
First Coat!

Aren't you excited to own one of these coats?  I am!

What I wore!

BIG THANKS to Maddie Editor of for the invite!  To all the bloggers I met, the desinger and the photographers at the Hudson Terrace!  It was a blast I feel sooo blessed!


Top-Forever21 (slip)
Heels-Lane Bryant
Bag-Nine West
Necklaces-Torrid and Forever21
Rings-street vendor!


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