Thursday, August 4, 2011

Romper, Pockets & Graffiti!!!

I went home to South Jersey recently and hung out with my cousins!  Needlesstosay we pulled an all nighter!!!  Yea, went to philly and just hung out!  It was wonderful!  I will say I have had a lot of adventures this summer, a lot of stories to share, lessons learned and new things to love and experience!  One new thing I experienced is my first ever ROMPER!!!  Yeah!  I actually have one in my closet that I've had since last summer, but was a little to tight in my stomach to wear!  Hopefully by the end of the summer it will make it on this blog!  Anywho...lets talk about this romper!  Its my first one, from K-Mart, from the Love Your Style Collection, which is actually super stylish, cute, and affordable!  Not bad at all!  I got it on sale for under $20.00 and did I mention it has pockets???  I love things with pockets.  Pants, dresses, shorts and rompers!  Maybe its a nervous condition but I love putting my hands in there and I am a firm believer in making things practical and I always have something in my pockets.  I think the line is worth checking out, I believe there is a item in there for every plus size girl, that will fit your style!  Love your style, Love your size, Love yourself and love others!  It's something thats not said enough, but if thats what this line represents then Im a believer!

Like I said I pulled a all nighter!  These pics were takend around 6am!  And if you know me closely at all or follow me on twitter then you will know I am quite the night owl and the summer is not a time for rest for me!  But I think its catching up to me!  Before I take it down for the weekend I had to make a post!  I have some other wonderful pics coming soon as I spent a weekend in the Catskill mountains so keep checking for that!
Thanks for looking I appreciate it!


Bag-Street Vender
Necklace-Forever 21

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SheDel said...

KMART?!?!?!??! Really?!?!??! WOW.. see thats why I don't discriminate where I shop . . .LOVE that romper and those shoes are CUTE!!!!!


Voluptuous Vixen said...

Love the color and the way it sits on you.

wait until the sunset said...

what an awesome look! loving it :)