Thursday, July 28, 2011

OOTD and Clothing Swap!

Hey guys!  This is a real quick outfit of the day post!  I really thought it was kind of a throw away outfit but my mother and friend insisted that it wasn't and that I should take some photos for my blog!  Nothing too fancy at all and my nail polish is chipped, time to get another mani, but I convinced my girlfriend to snap some quick photos! 

Now following the outfit post will be some information about a curvy clothing swap happening in Brooklyn on this upcoming Tuesday.  Hosted by Sweet Roll Entertainment!  So after the pics please read the information and attend!  I will be there!

I think this such a cool fun idea!  I may hold something like this one day for The Thick Spot!  I will be there with some really nice pieces that I would love to trade for some other really nice pieces, so I really do encourage you guys to come out and show me what your working with!  The dress below is a tease!  For I have some lovely cocktail wear I will be bringing, but if your about to have a late vacation in August than it might be for u!

Please follow their blog and support other business that try to cater to your demographic!  This is going to be a treat and a real good time!  I will be coming from another scheduled event before I get to Brooklyn, but this is what I like my summer to be about!  Busy, busy, busy, no lame moments!  I hope I see u there!  And I cannot wait to meet the ladies behind Sweet Roll Ent!

XOXO : D!!!  Thanks for looking ladies!

Top-Old Navy
shorts-Lane Bryant


wait until the sunset said...

oooohh!!! we so need a clothing swap in Australia! It's such an awesome idea.

Voluptuous Vixen said...

Cute shorts. Love your swag.

wait until the sunset said...

I'ts awesome reading your posts, and I'm spreading the love by nominating you for the 'One Lovely Blog' award. Check out my blog for details! YAYYYYY!! :)