Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Time 4 a new post

Last month I forgot to do my montly "LATELY" post!  So I figure today be a good day to touch on what I've been up to lately and things that have been on my mind.

First I would like to say thank you for waituntilthesunset.blogspot.com for my lovely blog award!!!  Thats sooo wonderful, I truly appreciate all the love I've been getting this summer!  I've had this blog for whats going on to be 2 years and I am up to 54 followers.  Some would say why not more?  I say its exactly what and where its suppose to be!  For a minute I stopped posting also, so i think a lot of things should be taken into account.  However, this summer I have been getting sooo much more support!  The love I'm getting from other bloggers and followers makes me feel kinda special and I have to thank everyone who reads this, follows it, and lets others know about it...THANK YOU!   

Unfortunately I couldn't make it to the clothing swap as hard as I tried.  I believe they said there will be another one this fall and I still have the dresses to swap and will attend.  It was short notice and hard for me to get away!  So i definitely apologize for that! 

Last weekend I went to the CatSkill mountains for one of my close friends Jessica's birthday who may have seen on the blog before!  She also takes some pics of me from time to time and usually the ones she takes are very popular!  She's a hippie to say the least and for her birthday wanted to be outside in nature with no cell phones or internet.  Not exactly what my city mind and spirit would call exciting...but boy was I wrong.  It really made me love and appreciate her sooo much more than I have!  For her just being...her!  Here we are in this country house, a bunch of young people, doing young people things and we saw a bear at 6 am when we first arrived, hiked, ate delicious food that we all cooked ourselves ( I had a black bean burger that changed my life) and drank until we were o so merry!  The different personalities and backgrounds is what made it truly remarkable and how everyone was at harmony and got along!  It was a spiritual awakening for me and a eye opener.  That I am sooo very small in such a large vast world, that there's a force beyond everything that I can see and that I must arrive to my full potential to recieve continuous blessings in my life!!!  WHEW!  Thats exactly what I thought!  I hope u agree!  Gratitude is everywhere and yet we dont acknowledge it enough or just say thank you enough.  Because everything that weekend was sooo beautiful, even me!  I felt perfect outside with nature, like all i can do is be myself and it works in this large eco-system of things being themselves or just being!  Just Be!

I hope you take that with u from this post!

I also want to say I am still sooo sadden by Amy Winehouse's death, she died so young, she was my age and probably felt so unaccomplished.  After that weekend I know she's exactly where she needs to be...I hope just not a restless soul!


After he got food from the camp fire!

Driving there!

The biggest toll ticket ever!!!  The size of my Droid X!

Friends: Amy (back turned) Amanda, Susan!

Jessica, Darius, Susan!

D$, n Jessica!

Birthday girl!

Heatter my Love!

Vegetarian cookers extrodinare!  SMIFF n ORIEN!

Me on the rocks!

Me and Eric!

Im playing with his nipples while he vogues!

U should be here!

Thanks ladies!

Top-forever21 (previously on 2 other blogpost
Bra-Lane Bryant


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Moya2bean said...

Looks like you were having a great time!
Love the shoes your wearing!
And great divs poses on the rock :)

thickspot said...

I miss u too Justice, Hopefully ill see u soon! And to Moya2bean thx yeah we did have a great time! Unfortunately i believe it was u in the post before this one that left a comment and i was using my phone to publish them and accidently hit delete instead of publish, thanku tho! And sooo sorry bout that!