Monday, May 23, 2011

Not the end

This is one of the many billboards you see on the Jersey Turnpike heading north.  Its been there about a month.  There was also one that was very similar on JFK BLVD right here in Jersey City where I reside.  When I first saw this I thought Malarkey of course, like where did this notion even come from?  But I live right outside New York so of course it was all the stir.  So in preparation, better yet...CELEBRATION of what was the biggest crock of shit ever, me and my friends decided..."Hey! Lets throw an END OF THE WORLD PARTY"!!!  We all jumped up and down and rejoiced at the idea and then ran around laughing and patting ourselves on our backs because our 4 heads were better than one!  So Thats how I spent my Saturday.  At first I went to see Jessica (the hostess of the party) in a original play called, "Murder on Ice".  Absolutely entertaining and hilarous!  I loved it, and then we went to her house with the shit load of bear and alcohole we bought for the END.  Called my loved ones, told them I loved them and continued to enjoy my life.  Here's some pics I took in a OK outfit!  I have to tell yah, i don't know about the rest of the country, but its still been on the gloomy, rainy, chilly side up here.  Oh and I just want to add that this whole Rapture was suppose to start at 6:00pm and at that same time, God opened up the heavens with a wave of sense of humor and it poored down rain like the great flood here in Jersey City and I had quite the laugh about it!!!!  LOL!


Jacket-Lane Bryant (had it for years)
Top- Forever21 Plus
Bag-Marshalls (love it)


Pippa said...

I thought that whole situation was so stupid! :) It wasnt the end of the world!! Clever idea to have a party though! <3

PlumpyDolly said...

I love the bag...