Friday, May 13, 2011

Back and at It!

Thanks to anyone and everyone that is still tuning into little ol' me!  It means a lot.  I think Im going to buy a brand new computer soon.  Which is why my post have been further and further apart.  So I am going to do like a montage in this post of all the things I have been up to lately!

1st...."Once on this Island" the Musical!!!!  It was quite the time catcher and thats where my time has been in the past like 4 months.  It was filled with ups and downs like anything else but it was all worth it.  Here Are some pics backstage!

Me and some of my closest homeboys!

Me and the snow bunny Ashley!  She's such a nice person!  Luv her!

My Boy Liam and Marcello's crazy ass!

I told you crazy!!!  Luv him!

On our america's next top model shit!!!  Look at us voguing!

The Photo Shoot!!!!

I was so happy when the weather broke!  And I got to finally wear my Target flats.  I just happened to have this vest from a few posts ago and paired it with a casual pink tee from oldnavy.  I liked how the relax, perhaps preppy look came out!

Thanks for still checking in if you are pleased tell your friends about the blog, I am gonna try and do another give away soon and hopefully some more exciting stuff for this summer, now that I have time!


Vest-Forever21 plus
Top-Old Navy


Anonymous said...

hey thanks for the comment on my blog.. and just so you know, i do follow your blog! it's never let my blog roll on google reader :) haha.. i had to do a double take and check, but it was there.

xclusiveplay said...

i know u do and i appreaciate it!!! Sooner than later I will post regularily too!