Thursday, May 26, 2011


Maybe this should be a monthly thing about what I like and what I've done lately!!!  I think I may.  I like to tell my readers what I've been up to, whats all the happenings, what I love, what I hate, and things i picked up a long the way!


I got this cheap little sparkly purse for $7 @ Monk thrift store in the West Village!!!  It was cute, small store, not any plus sizes, just a trial and error try on kind of thing,but sooo soo sooo many accessories!!!  LUV!  Purses, belts, shoes, ties, scarfs, jewelry, and tons of other cool stuff!  I picked this up!  I really like the chains on this little purse.  I would love to have them removed to make the purse longer and get bigger, longer chains!  If your in the area please check it out!


I was walking around like 14th street and there were a lot of shops popping up that sells jewelry for $2.99!!!  Like everything in the store!  If your looking for specific colors or trends you wanna try out without breaking the bank, than I don't find anything wrong it!  If you have skin thats sensitive and easily breaks out from fake gold or fake metal than try the beads!  Great for the summer, on trend and a bead is a bead!


"Thomas Francis Takes his Chances" is one of the best bands I've heard in a while.  A local Jersey City band that are amazing and tell quirky stories.  I wish they were on twitter or facebook.  You can type in their name and some real cool articles pop up, but like most Artist they are just too cool to conform to the masses and join the technological age.  I can't blame them, I believe it helps them stay fresh and very creative!!!  Here's some pics!!!

TIMES SQUARE AND FOREVER 21!!!  I go Monthly!  This is from last month still a little chilly!

Thanks for looking!  New outfit Post coming up soon!!!!!


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